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Thread: My sexy 20y/o gf

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    My sexy 20y/o gf

    Hello guys, here's a little thread about my girlfriend, i'll try to post some whale tails, thong pictures etc etc..
    Do not hesitate asking me questions, and comments will be appreciated!
    Here's some pictures of her

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    Re: My sexy 20y/o gf


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    Re: My sexy 20y/o gf

    I can already tell your gf is and this thread is going to be amazing. thank you and please post more ASAP.

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    Re: My sexy 20y/o gf

    what a ass want to see more of her. how often you make love, does she swallow, what size panty she wear, lets see her panty drawer.

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    Re: My sexy 20y/o gf

    amazing round ass and VERY SEXY exposed purple whaletail!!! Like that alot!!!

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    Re: My sexy 20y/o gf

    We make love very often, she swallows everytime she's doing me a blowjob, she's wearing S size
    Thanks for the comments guys !

    Some of her thongs IMG_0816.jpg
    Another two pics IMG_0791.jpgIMG_0837.jpg

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    Re: My sexy 20y/o gf

    love your update thanks for info on her, that white lace thong is hot.

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    Re: My sexy 20y/o gf

    great start! can't wait to see more!

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    Re: My sexy 20y/o gf


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    Re: My sexy 20y/o gf


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