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    Cool Stories

    A few years back when everything was great with my ex wife a few months before our marrriage I took her for a little vacations on an island called San Andres. one night we were at the hotel's pub having some drinks after dinner, we were at the bar and I saw a very young couple (early twentys) arrive and they sat on a table near us. both very attractive, the guy was very fit and the girl super hot. I showed them to my wife and she said that they most look awesome nude. after a while the couple came by our side and sat next to us. I think they saw us staring at them. they introduced to us and told us they were a couple since highschool. we had many drinks together and also danced together. a couple hours later I was very horny so I asked to my exwife to go to our bedroom to fuck her thinking on the other girl we just met. we said bye to the couple but they said they were leaving too so we walked out together, it turned out their room was almost next to ours so when we arived to their room they invited us in for some more drinks.

    Kiky was a little drunk and wanted more alcohol so she agreed right away and went inside I wanted to fuck her but I noticed that the dude was flirting very hard on my exwife and remembered that while we were dancing the girl kept putting her ass on my cock so i got suspicious and saw an oportunity to a very interesting night. I went inside and the dude offered me a drink and weed, I took the drink and told him to give the weed to my exwife. After some drinks, a lot of weed and some heavy hot dancing, I was on the balcony talking with the guy about the girls and they were dancing together, we were discusing their blowjob skills when the two of them came outside.

    Kiky saw they had a hottub on their balcony just like us and said she wanted to go to our room to get a bikini to get into it but the girl stoped her and said she could do it on her underwear no big deal, but Kiky said she had none (that was my idea) so the girl asked me if I had a problem If her boyfriend saw her naked so I replaid it was ok as long as she wasnaked too. both girls got naked and went into the hot tub. It is the only time I've seen kiky behaving as a lesbian. they started comparing their bodys and the girl was obssesed with kikys big breasts first she asked if she could touch them and kiky agreed then she said she loved them and kissed each boob Kiky smiled and then thwe girl started sucking and pinching kikys boobs, kiky laughed and I noticed thast kiky never took her eyes off of the guy. then she told me: I bet you love sucking this tits and I said of course.

    I went into the hot tub and sat next to kiky, on her other side was the girl and the dude sat infront of us, the girl told me lets suck her tits together so we did. kiky kept laughing and saying it tickled her. and then I felt some one giving me a handjob, at first I thought it was Kiky but then I realized one of her hands was on my head and the other on the girls head so I knew it was the girl. latter I saw non of us had any drinks so I asked Kiky to help me get some drinks and when we were at the mini bar I told her: I know you want to fuck that dude, but, are you going to do it? she stared at me for a few seconds and then said Lets do it just for this once. We kissed very hard and went back to the balcony, and found the couple kissing and touching each other. we sat in front of them and I told to the guy that he hadn't felt Kiky's tits so he looked at his girlfriend and she said go their awesome.

    The dude sat next to kiky and started playing with her nipples and kiky asked for more weed and grabbed a huge bong that the girl handeled her I grabbed two drinks and sat next to the girl we kept talking about kikys boobs for a while. then kiky stood up and sat on top of the guy facing him and told him suck them you know you want it. by that time the girl was sitting on my legs and I was playing with her clitoris. The two girls were moaning very hard and after a while kiky turned around and saw that I was sitting outside the tub and that the girl was sucking my dick so she stood up and told to the girl: have fun he's a good fuck and he loves blowjob so you are doing great. and asked to the guy to show her their room they went to the room but didn't closed the door. I fucked the girl in the tub for awhile and then we went inside because a it was geting to cold, we sat on a couch on the living room and fucked until sunrise.

    the girl passed out around 6:30 am and I went to the bedroom and saw kiky on the bed with her legs opened and her tits covered in hickeys and cum and the dude was on the floor also sleep, I grabbed ther dude phone and took apicture of them two and also a picture of his girlfriend with her face covered in my cum then I went to the balcony and after a while kiky came nude and asked me to fuck her and i told her sure but first go clean your self you filty whore and slaped her tits and she saw all the dry cum on her tits.

    she jumped on the tub and cleaned her tits and pussy and I sat on the border of the tub and she started sucking my cock then i told her that i didn't wanted to fuck her that it should be just a blow job for now and shesaid that it was one of thouse prety rare occations on wich she really wanted to swallow my cum so she kept sucking before kiky finished the girl came by and i asked her not to say anything so she just stood there naked watching kiky suck when I came kiky swallowed and saw the girl staring at her. Kiky blushed and covered her face, clearly the effect of the weed and the alcohol had run off on her. the girl laughed and said you just fucked my boyfriend and now you're geting ashamed?

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    Re: Stories

    Wow what a story! Sounds like an amazing time
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    Re: Stories

    damn what a amazing story. I wish that would happen to me.

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    Re: Stories

    Last weekend i took my girlfriend Nat and Lexy to have some drinks to celebrate a very good week at the office. Nat and Lexy had become kind of best friends since they work together and had to work late together constantly. A few days ago, aftera quicky on my car, Lexy told me that in a couple of occations she had felt that Nat was getting flirty with her.

    They had a lot of drinks and danced together a lot and when Nat started to get drunk started to get very touchy with Lexy, she slaped her ass a lot, and grabbed her boobs a couple of times and I think I even saw Nat getting her hand under Lexy's skirt a little bit just grabbing her legs but still under the skirt.

    They went to the bathroom together a couple of times and after the last one Lexy told me that Nat kissed her that it was a little kiss that looked playful but serious. Then we went out the pub and took Lexy to her apartment after we left her there we went to my place when we arrived I was making some coffee because she was very drunk and Nat took her clothes off and sat on the couch we were talking about work and suddenly she told me that Lexy looked very beautiful that day and i simply agreed.

    After we drank the coffee we started fucking, first she sucked my cock and then she asked me to lick her pussy. She sat on the couch and spreaded her legs wide I started licking sucking and bitting and she was playing with her tits. Then she told me that lexy was a very beautiful and attractive woman and i told her that Lexy's ass is awesome and she told me that she had seen it in a thong many times when they sleep together after working all night and that she believes it loooks better naked than dressed

    I kept sucking her clit and she started moaning very hard then i put two fingers in her ass and she screamed a lot abd said that Lexy looks very sexy on small dresses and then she came. Then i pushed my cock inside her ass and started fucking it very hard and she kept talking about Lexy's body until we cummed together, she passed out on the couch and i lefted her there with her ass full of cum and went to sleep to my bed.

    Next morning i woke and went to the living room and saw my leather couch with a huge cum stain and butt prints and then i went to the bathroom and heard Nat talking to Lexy on the phone, i went inside the bath and found Nat naked inside the tube rubbing her pussy and talking to Lexy about work. When the call finished i helped Nat finish her morning masturbation by pinshing her nipples and then got a very decent good morning blowjob

    Later in breakfast i asked Nat if she was Bisexual and she said she had no feelings for Lexy different than friendship and that she had never had feelings for any girl and she said that she simply liked Lexy's body very much specialy her ass and legs. I asked her if Lexy knew that she as masturbating while they were talking and she said of course not. She told me that she had had sex with two women in her past, with her bestfriend in highschool and with a girl in france after she graduated from highschool, she also told me she had a threesome with two guys also in france but that she didn't liked it that much, cuz she felt slightly violated and overwelmed.

    She said she wanted to do a threesome withna girl and a guy and when shensae me smile she said she wasn't very confortable about sharing me because it might hurt the trust in our relationship. She asked if i had any experience of that kind and i told her that i have had a few threesomes with two girls but never with another man and one girl because it doesn't interests me

    Last monday i went to lunch with Lexy and told her everything and she told me that she thinks that Nat wants to fuck her and that Nat might be her first lesbian experience. Lexy told me that once when they were sleeping in the same bed she felt Nat moving a lot and that she thinks she was masturbating. She also told me that one night they were watching tv and that they fell slept together and that after a while she woke because she felt some one grabbing her ass and that it was Nat, she told me she thought it was nothing so she let her do it but then she said that she felt Nat trying to touch her pussy and that she got a little scared and moved and that nat stoped. She also told me that one night they were watching game of thrones and that after a blowjob scene they started talking about giving head and that they were simulating blowjobs with Lexys dildo.

    I was very turned on by the stories and what it could mean so i moved my chair next to her and put my hand under her skirt and felt she was very wet. She noticed my surprise and told me that my girlfriend is a very sexy woman. I asked her if she wanted to fuck her and she said maybe so Imtold her it was ok for me but that she has to tell me everything and she told me it would be very hot to have a threesome but she told me that Nat told her that she feels very jelous about me so it might be hard to convince her to share me with her or any other woman. Lets see what happens

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    Re: Stories

    that is one hell of a story, it really turned me on. anxious to see what happens next. I wish I was in your situation, keep the updates coming.

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    Re: Stories

    Quick update, one of my clients is having lots of customer complains because of the service soo I'm sending Nat and Lexy to do a covert inspection of the Hotel to see what has to be done, they're gonna be spending the weekend on a nice beach resort in different rooms because we have to test the service in the cheap rooms and on the suits but I'm sure their gonna spend a lot of time together, Lexy asked me if it was ok if she tried to sleep with my girlfriend and I said Hell yeah.

    I just helped Nat packing her bag, she packed her usual sexy dresses but I also noticed she packed a dildo, I asked her about it and she said it was for her morning masturbation but I noticed she got a little nervous and when she was taking a quick bath before leaving to the airport I spyed on her bag and I saw her regular thongs and chekies but hidden in the bottom of the lugage I found a very hot set of sexy lace lingerie that I know is her favorite, with garter belth and stockings included.

    After Nat leaved I called Lexy and told her everything, she told me that she was going to pack something similar and that she was very exited and nervous thinking about fucking with my girlfriend, after all she had never had sex with another girl, she even asked me for advice so I told her everything that makes Nat horny and how she likes to be fucked, but I also told her that probanly she would know by instinct what to do, i told her to do to Nat what she would like Nat to do to her.

    And my weekend is going to suck probably because my Ex girlfriend Xime is gonna be out of town and I'm gonna be spending time with my son and his mom Kiky wich is awful cuz she's always complaining about every damn thing

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    Re: Stories

    I can wait to hear what happened between Nat and Lexy. I would love to watch them play and see there panty drawers. how old are they. have a good weekend.

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    Re: Stories

    Nat's about to turn 22 and Lexy's 21 or 22 I'm not sure
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    Re: Stories

    you are one lucky man to know two women like that, cant wait for the out come.

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    Re: Stories

    Lexy and Nat wont be back until tomorrow so I still don't know anything about them

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