Last friday would had been kiky’s and I anniversary. She kept insisting we should had done something special to commemorate the day and I kept saying no, basically because i will always regret marring her. She got me annoyed so i decided to punish her instead.

I told her i had decided to commemorate the day so that she should get ready and come to my place at night. When she arrived two women wearing masks hold her and tied her to a chair. Then they dragged her to the master bedroom where I was waiting for her. She knew she was about tho get punished so she just sat there with our making a sound. Her silence let me know she had agreed to take what was coming. I asked if she reminded her safe word and she said it to confirm.

I proceded to unmask the first of the women, it was Judy, the milf that used to be our neighbor and that was a really close friend of kiky. She is about ten years older than kiky and is a million times hotter than her, Judy said to Kiky that she had been my lover for longer than she would ever imagine. Then I removed her drees to reveal to kiky she was wearing the lingerie kiky wore under her wedding dress and at our wedding night. A tear dripped from her eyes but she didn’t said a word.

The little white lacey q string was completely lost between Judy’s ass and barely covered her big fat perfectly waxed pussy. The corset fitted her waist perfectly and was completely unable to hold her boobs since she is almost two cups bigger than kiky so her nipples were completely exposed.

Then I unmasked the second lady. It was Xime my ex girlfriend. She came closer to kiky and asked her if she knew who she was. Kiky’s face turn d from sadness to a little anger I told her to answer and she said yes, so Xime asked: Who am I? And kiky said you’re his ex. And she said yes, I was his girlfriend when you opened your legs to him for the first time and he cheated on my with you, and then he changed me for you.

Xime came to me and kissed me and i took off the robe she was wearing. Under it she had the clothes Kiky was wearing the night I found her cheating on me with her boss at out house. The thong fitted Xime’s ass perfectly, the garter belt and stockings were the perfect accesory to her long strong legs. The white shirt was unbuttoned to give a nice look on her thight abs and perky breasts.

The two women came close to me and took off all my clothes and from there on I completely ignored Kiky and focused on Judy and Xime, they almost did the same exceptly to tease, humiliate or mock kiky from time to time. In a few occasions both of them rubbed their pussies on kiky to filth her clothes with their juices.

At the end both knelt infront of me really close to kiky and I finished on their faces. Both women got naked and cleaned their faces with the lingerie that used to belong to Kiky. Then she asked if she could leave but I told her she must stay to receive further punishment and to serve for us in the morning. We untied her and she layed on a couch that I have near my bed. The three of us slept on the bed and a few hours later we fucked again and kiky watched from the couch.

That time i finished on Judy’s huge boobs and Xime cleaned them with her mouth and then they made Kiky clean their pussies with her own clothes again. The three of us took a quick shower and went back to sleep.

In the morning Xime woke Kiky and ordered her to make us breakfasts, while we ate Judy told kiky to pick the lingerie they wore and made her wash it all by hand. When she finished Judy got close to her and asked if she was ok, kiky said she knew Judy was a superior woman in looks, brains and sexual skills and that I deserved a lover like that and that she also understood Xime was there as a punishment for her cheating on me and for getting annoying with the anniverary bs. She admited she had fully accepted her cuckquean and sub place under me and that she was happy with it.

I told kiky that she was allowed to leave and that Diane was waiting for her at their place. Kiky went to the bathroom and when she came out of it the two women were on their knees sucking my dick. Judy got up and offered to walk her to the door. Kiky said by from the bedroom door and I told her: little slut thats not the proper way to say bye to your superiors. She came close and kissed me while xime kept sucking then kiky said good bye madame to Xime and she got up from her knees and sat on my dick making sure kiky saw every inch of me getting inside her and said see you later bitch and started to bounce hard on me.

I heard Judy telling kiky by the door that they should have lunch together before she left town and Kiky agreed. Then judy asked kiky to leave and told her she was really eager to get my dick inside.