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    Last saturday I was home alone, playing video ga,es, eating pizza and drinking beer when my door bell ringed, it was my exwife Kiky, she gave me a bottle of Jack and came inside, she was wearing a long coat, dark stockings and red high heels. She sat on a couch and I asked her what she wanted, she asked me to open the bottle and to gave her a drink, I asked if it wouldn't mess with her medication and she said that it wouldn't matter much since it was just for the night.

    I poured two drinks and sat in front of her we talked about our past, about how we used to fuck so much, then I noticed that she was opening her legs a little and I saw some red blur between her legs, then she stood up put some music on and then sat closer to me, after some more drinks I noticed that one of her hands was over her pussy and that she was rubbing it slowly trying to avoid me noticing it.

    She asked me for the bathroom so i showed it to her she stood inside for a very long time and I was planning to ask her to leave when she came out of it but when she opened the door I saw her coming out with out the coat, she had only some red lingerie so I asked her why did she had taken her clothes off and she said she had non, that it was all she was wearing under the coat cuz she had came to my apartment to get fucked.

    I almost laugh a little because she isn't as bad as she was the last time I saw her naked but still is not very hot or sexy, she's still a little fat, still has no ass, her tits are still very saggy, and she is all covered on stretch marks, the lingerie was very nice though.

    She started to dance trying to seduce me and I was thinking wether to do it or not I thought what the hell after all it was either her or masturbating, I pulled my cock out and asked her to get on her knees and suck, she looked at it like she had never seen one before and jumped right to it. i had forgotten how good she is sucking dick, i wanted just to cum on her mouth and asked her to leave my apartment but after a while she stoped and layed on the couch and spread her legs wide and pulled her thong a side, I searched for a condom, I don't trust her at all, and she said she was clean but i told her i couldn't believe that, i went inside her very hard and fucked her furiously, she asked me to do it softer but I ignored her, so she started screaming/moaning and cursing.

    I slapped her very hard, her face, and tits specially, her face was very blushed and her tits soared and covered on hickeys After a while she turned and ride me on reverse cowgirl and when I saw her ass I licked my fingers and pushed two inside, she screamed and punched me on the legs and arched her back, when she stopped cursing and screaming, i pushed another finger inside her ass and then another, i had two fingers of each of my hands inside her ass so i started to stretch it until i could see inside it, she said I was going to tear it and i told her it would be nice.

    I think she came four or five times and when she was about to cum again i grabbed her by the hair and pushed her to the floor, then i sat on her belly and started slapping her tits while she jerked my cock then i sat over her tits and covered her face in cum.

    Next morning when i woke up Kiky was cooking breakfast, when we were eating she told me*she hadn't had sex since before she was in the clinic (more than three months) and that she was tired of masturbating so she decide to try and fuck with me, I told her that it would not mean anything and she*said she understands that, that she just wanted a good fuck with some one she could trust, she also said that since she was thirteen she had never spend *more tnsn a week with out fucking

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    damn you had one hell of a weekend. I would of spanked her ass good then fucked her anally then stick my cock in her mouth until I cummed and she swallowed every drop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poth2747 View Post
    damn you had one hell of a weekend. I would of spanked her ass good then fucked her anally then stick my cock in her mouth until I cummed and she swallowed every drop.
    I basically did all of that to her, her ass was so red and swollen... Also covered in bruises next day because of the heavy spanking. I didn't came on her mouth because I'm more into facials than into swallowing this days...

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    Re: Stories

    I am glad you spanked her good and covered her face she deserved it.

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    Re: Stories

    I haven't been able to talk with Nat about her weekend at the beach with Lexy because her grandmother got sick yesterday and as soon as they arrived to the airport she grabbed a taxi and went straight to the clinic, she only gave me one long kiss, I hugged her, and she told me we had to talk latter. Lexy smiled and hugged me and grabbed my cock and asked me to take her home. On the way to her apartment she got topless and told me that she was desperate to get some cock inside her and asked me to show her my cock so I pulled it out, and she grabbed it and started to jerk it while rubbing her pussy over her thong.

    When we arrived at her apartment, she was sucking my cock while I drove, she asked me to go up with her and I asked her about her sister Kiky, she told me she wasn't home that she was at their parents, when I parked she fixed her dress to cover her boobs, when we were getting her bags from the car she hugged me and kissed me, so I grabbed her by the hair and turned her over and pushed her over the car, she bended over it and I pulled my cock out again, and moved her thong aside and sticked her very hard, she moaned and said she was missing that the entire weekend.

    I pounded her hard for a while until we saw another car lights so we stopped and went into the elevator. She sucked my dick on the elevator and got naked as soon as we got inside the apartment, she was really hungry for cock, she kept sucking and begging to get my cock inside her pussy and ass almost all night. This morning we fucked again and then went to have breakfast together, Lexy is going commando today because her pussy is really sore and red so she flashed me all the way to the restaurant. When we arrived I got a call from Nat she was quite upset, she told me that she was at my apartment, that she had come early cuz she was eager to get fucked, so I told her that I had an early breakfast with a client that she had to wait until the night to get banged so I told her that she could masturbate that she knew where the dildos were.

    as soon as I hanged Lexy phone rang, it was Nat calling her, she asked Lexy where she was and Lexy told her that last night she was very horny and in need of cock, so she told Nat that she called a friend of hers and that she spend the entire night getting pounded. The call ended and Lexy told me that she believed Nat was masturbating while talking to her. We ordered a huge brunch and I asked Lexy to tell me everything about their weekend.

    She blushed and I knew they had had a romance. she told me that when they arrived to the airport they got separate taxis and arrived at different times to the hotel and that each one got the room they had to inspect and each went to sleep separately, she told me that after she went into her room she called Nat to see how she was, they talked for a long while and Nat told to Lexy that she was very excited about them two spending the weekend together. Next morning they started doing their job, went to have breakfast and checked the restaurant and the service, etc.

    then they had to go to the pool since many of the complaints were about the service there, I ordered both of them to wear thong bikinis because we got an awful amount of letters saying that hot girls were heavily harassed and hited on, by the waiters at the pool. each one laid on a different side of the pool and started tanning, both noticed the waiters staring at each other ass and also so many of them taking pictures of their butts. they called the admins and that afternoon three waiters got fired, I feel a little pitty for the dudes I mean imagine to young hot girls on small thong bikinis with very nice long tight legs and round perfect butts tanning on a pool and not ben able to stare at them.

    after lunch they went to the beach, and that's when things started to heat up, since they were supposed to not know each other, they were tanning and at some point some dudes started to hit very hard on Lexy and invited her to went into the sea with them, Lexy accepted because she thought one of them was very hot, and apparently Nat got jealous, but Nat is so damn smart, instead of making an scene or anything she simply asked a waiter to give a drink to Lexy and to tell her that it was from her. When Lexy got the drink all the dudes, and her, looked to Nat and Lexy asked her to go where they were. When Nat arrived all the dudes stared at her and Lexy asked her why the drink and Nat said that such a beautiful girl deserves a free drink. Lexy kissed Nat and said thanks and the dudes asked them if they knew each other so the girls said no, then one of the dudes asked if they were lesbians and Lexy just smiled and grabbed Nat's ass, I think the dudes knew they had no chance so they went away.

    They spent the afternoon together faking like they were just meeting each other, apparently that little game of pretending they didn't knew each other facilitated the romance, tanning, applying tanning lotion on each other backs and butts and drinking then each went to their room and changed and they went to dine together, after dinner they went to a bar and found the dudes from the afternoon they had a few drinks with them and they spoke to the girls about a nudist beach near the hotel. They went to sleep to Nat room because Lexy was complaining that she got a very small room and Nat into a nice huge suite. Lexy told me that it was a very hot night so both took their dresses off and had a couple of drinks on the balcony wearing only thongs, she said that in that moment Nat make her move on her that started to say that she was very hot and that they kissed a lot but didn't fucked.

    next day they went to the nudist beach and tanned together naked and continued flirting and kissing. that night they slept together but Lexy didn't give me any details I think she was a little uncomfortable talking o me about it, she told me they spend the remaining days together. I asked her if she believed that they will do it again or start a different kind of relationship but she told me that it had been very fun but that she definitely wasn't into girls, that she loves cock, and she told me that when they were at the airport waiting for their flight Nat told her that she hoped it didn't changed their friendship that it was just a fling and that she had very strong feelings for me. apparently it was a onetime thing for them.

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    Re: Stories

    How did that night go with Nat when you got home? Anymore fun with Lexi?

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    Re: Stories

    I just love your stories wish I could meet a couple of women like Lexi and Nat.

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    Re: Stories

    I've been invited to so many Halloween parties this year, I just had lunch with Nat and Lexy and one of our clients and he insisted on us three going to his party and we had to agree... we discused it while we took Nat back to the clinic, to stay with her grandmother, and we decided to go to at least 5 or 6 different parties that night. So it means we're going to upskirt paradise on saturday, it means costume shoping. yay

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    Re: Stories

    Can we get some pics of the Costume shopping excursion???

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    Quote Originally Posted by PantyFucker View Post
    Can we get some pics of the Costume shopping excursion???
    Kinda immposible since cameras are forbidden in all of the costume stores here but i'll give it a try

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