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    Was at a friends house she was showing me a few outfits she bought, she had just hopped out of the shower, usually she changes in the bathroom or ask me to step out , this night she drops the robe she's butt naked , I can see her smooth pussy, she grabs this tiny nude color thong and puts it on , one of the greatest things I've seen, her trying to squish her ass in those tight pants was awesome.

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    Re: Stories

    wow lucky you, I am sure I would of got hard, how old is she

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    Re: Stories

    Quote Originally Posted by poth2747 View Post
    wow lucky you, I am sure I would of got hard, how old is she
    even better I got a quick photo, enjoy

    Last edited by spacecrate; 12-01-2017 at 02:52 AM.

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    Re: Stories

    great photo

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    Re: Stories

    My man space either you are extremely deep into the friendzone, so deep you are basically her gay friend even though you might not be gay at all, or she wants to fuck with you...

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    Re: Stories

    So for kikys third test she had to find me a cuckcake and watch me fuck her. So a week after the second test she called and said it was all set. We met in a nice hotel. They waited for me at the lobby, when i arrived i saw them two sitting on a couch talking. Kiky introduced me to the cuckcake and i invited them to the bar. We had a couple of drinks and some food. Kiky had given me the cuckcake's social media links before so I could verify that she wasn't a prostitute or one of kiky's slut friends.

    I asked the cuckcake about her life she told me she is a doctor and that she is studying to become a gynecologist. Then i asked her about her personal life and she told me that afger several failures in relationships she decided to not have anything serious with anybody or at least only open relationships. She said she's bi and that she has a relationship with a girl from the hospital where she works, a nurse, and that she regularly sleeps with one of her teachers, a senior gynecologist who is married and cheats on his wife with her.

    She told me she had never been in a dominant position as a cuckcake but that she was really excited about the posibility of dominate and humiliate Kiky while fucking with me. I asked them how they met and stefy (the cuckcake) said that she had seen kiky as a patient in the hospital that after checking kikys pussy she asked her why she didn't trimmed, shaved or waxed her pubes kiky answered that she wasn't allowed to be her couple, they ended up having lunch together and kiky explained everything to stefy, she said she always dreamed about been a couple's cuckcake. Stefy showed some nudes to kiky on her phone and kiky knew i would like her body so they agreed to met with me after kiky showed stefy some pics of me.

    I made out with stefy while kiky played with stefy's hair, and then stefy rubbed my cock. When i was very hard stefy said we should go upstairs so we went to the room that kiky got us.

    When we arrived to the room I laid on the bed, stefy went to the bathroom and kiky sat on a chair in front of the bed. Stefy told kiky from the bathroom to help me get confortable but not to dare to touch my dick that it was hers. Weboth understood she was already on character sonshe removed my jacket and shirt, my shoes and socks and unbuttoned my pants and sat back on the chair. Kiky was wearing a nice white short dress so i asked her to spread her legs and show me her pussy immediately i noted her bush and that she was already getting wet. She pulled out her tits and started to rub her nips.

    Then Stefy came out of the bathroom and I was extremely surprised by her body. From. Her pics on facebook and when i saw her earlier I had noticed she had huge boobs and a nice ass but god damnit she was extremely huge. She had a very sexy seethrough lingerie set that barely was able to holdher boobs in I asked her about her size and she said she always wore 40DDs but that it was a bit too little for her boobs obviously her nips were big but in a very hot pink color and her pussy was perfectly waxed with a nice thin landing strip. Stefy saw kiky and told her it was a shame seeing her trying to get my attention while a completely superior woman was in the same place.

    I have to admit that i got completely lost in stefy i forgot all about kiky, for almost an hour i didn't even noticed kikys presence in the room her huge boobs, that i released from her bra very fast got all my attention and her nice big butt and the way she moved it had me containing myself a lot.

    After lots of sex and many positions stefy asked kiky to sit on the bed next to us to watch closer and then I remembered she was there with us. After stefy cummed for the second time she said her pussy needed a rest so she went on her knees on the floor amd started to suck my dick. Kiky sat behind me and huged me while stefy sucked. Then stefy got my dick into her huge boobs and gave me the best boobjob i had ever had.

    In the middle of it stefy asked kiky to lay on the floor under her and she sat on kikys face and made her lick her pussy while she rubbed my dick with her tits after a while stefy got back on the bed and when kiky stood up it seemed like she had received a huge facial her face was all covered on Stefy's pussy juices stefy laughed and took a pic of kikys face with her phone the stefy got on top of me on reverse cowgirl and made kiky lick her clit while i fucked her. Then stefy asked kiky to help her get my dick inside her ass so kiky grabbed my dick and pulled it out of stefys pussy and got it into her ass. Stefy took it very well so inpounded hard and stefy grabbed kiky by the hair and made her lick her pussy until stefy and i finished together.

    After i pulled out stefy asked kiky to clean her so kiky licked stefys ass until the last drop of cum came out of it and then stefy made kiky clean my dick. Kiky asked for permission to masturbate and stefy sent her to do it in the bathroom with the door closedand told her to do it silently.

    Stefy and i rested and talked for a bit she asked for details of my relationship with kiky and i gave her a quick resume of all the 15 years. She asked when was the last time i had sex with her and i told her that besides the blowjob from the first test and some fooling around in the second one nothing since almost a year. She said it was time for me to pound her that she had behaved perfectly with us previously so she deserved it. Then she grabbed her pussy and said besides this little lady needs more rest before the next round. She got up and went to the bathroom.

    She came back with kiky and got her naked the. Stefy made me kneel on the bed and got on her fours in front of me and asked kiky to lick her pussy while she sucked my dick. When i got really hard stefy asked kiky to stop and I laid on the bed the stefy looked at kiky and told her go ahead honey get on top of him. Kiky opened her eyes wide and asked me if i was really going to fuck her and started to thank me a lot and even cried a little i told her to thank stefy since it was her idea and let kiky get all my dick inside the way she wanted it. Stefy got up and went to the bathroom while i fucked kiky. Then she came back and sat next to us and suggested kiky to take it on the ass i went into kikys ass and stefy told kiky that if her pussy wasn't so hairy she would lick it but that she would only finger it in that state. Then stefy stood on the bed and kiky licked her pussy while i fucked her ass. We ended up having a great threesome but stefy and i were focused on fucking kiky. Kiky cummed many times, stefy cummed once and i finished inside kikys pussy. Stefy cleaned al the cum from kinys pussy and swallowed it and then the three of us slept on the bed. Stefy was grabbing my balls, i had my head on her huge boobs and kiky was behind stefy.

    Next morning stefy wanted sex and kiky told her i prefered only head in the morning so they did a double blowjob and shared the facial. Each other cleaned the other face and swallowed, we took a bath together and went to have breakfast.

    After breakfast Stefy thanked us and asked if we believed she would become our regular cuckcake, kiky and i both agreed and stefy kissed us both. Then stefy called a taxy and when it arrived i told kiky she had to leave. At first she got upset but then she remembered her place and the night before, kiky thanked stefy for allowing her to get some and wished us to have a nice day and left.

    Stefy and i went back to the room and she invited me to get to the pool on the roof top of the hotel she wore a nice bikini that as usual barely was able to handle her tits. When we arrived it was extremely sunny and since there was no body else there she tanned topless. We ordered lunch there amd when it arrived the busboy got very unconfortable and told her it wasn't allowed to do topless in the hotel. She told him there was no body else there and told him she had no issue with him staring and told him to enjoy the view. He smiled nervously and left. Her tits were all covered in bruises and hickeys from the night before. After lunch we went back to the room and fucked again I finished on her tits and laid on the bed she grabbed my phone and took lots of selfies with it showing her boobs full of bruises made by me and my cum. We got dressed and left the room I took her to her place and when we arrived she recorded her number on my phone and put a pic of her cummy boobs as profile picture. Later that night i called kiky and told her i wanted a blowjob, 20 mins later she arrived and she didn't said a word she just pulled her boobs out and got on her knees after i cuummed in her mouth she swallowed and was going to leave but i told her to stay because i wanted my morning head next day she smiled and said what ever you want daddy. She got naked and went into bed with me. I felt sleep playing with her bush.

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    Re: Stories

    Quote Originally Posted by ivan06660 View Post
    My man space either you are extremely deep into the friendzone, so deep you are basically her gay friend even though you might not be gay at all, or she wants to fuck with you...
    We are actually good long time friends , she does want to bang cause later that night she put my hand on her leg and lead up but I don't want to because if it doesn't work out that means no more thong views so I rather have her as a friend that is comfy to change in front of me and have material to show you guys

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    Re: Stories

    A few people asked for more details on Stefy on private messages so here they are.

    She's almost 30 years old. Prety oval face, with some freckles, grey eyes, little nose, big meaty lips. Nice tongue, pierced. Little neck.

    Very white but tans wearing only a thong almost daily (she doesn't tans naked because she burned her clit once on a tanning bed) She is realy small, abour 1,50 mts (4 feet and 11 inches) not that fit, she hates excercise but isn't fat either. She only exercises her butt (squats) wich is very big, round and jiggles a lot, her ass is very tight and she bleaches it, also her pussy and nipples, she has a very fat innie pussy, she waxes it (also her butthole) and always keeps a very thin perfectly trimmed landing strip. She's a natural blonde and her pubes are very clear too. Her legs are tick and strong but very short.

    And her boobs OMG as i said before 34 DD's is almost her size she's actually a little bigger than that. Since she's so small they look huge bigger than her actual size, very round and tight one to the other. Not that saggy keeping in mind how big they are. Her nipples are big, about two inches, in a beautiful light pink color (she bleaches them) and both are pierced, the left one has two piercings,

    She always wears wide sports bras to hold them and hide them a little she never wears cleavages except when she goes out looking for a hook up. She only wears bras when shes wearing lingerie (for fucking) and only is topless when fucking, after fucking and when she's tanning. She even wears her sports bras in the shower sometimes, she says is the only way to stand the weight.

    She had her boobs reduced when she graduated from highschool. She reduced two sizes that time and regained one before graduating as a doctor. She loves her huge tits but says sometimes her back hurts terribly

    She lost her virginity at 14 years old to a 17 years old guy she already had huge boobs at that time. She had many relationships during highschool including 2 girls. The first time she fucked a girl was the day she turned 15. In senior year she got with a guy from her class and it was her first long term relationship. They got engaged at college but she found him licking her roomates pussy in their bedroom over her bed. Then she got with a girl and latter found her doing a threesome with two guys. Then she got with a guy that turned out to be gay and then she decided to not have relationships.

    After college she started working on an emergencies room on an hospital taking as many shifts as she could. At that time she slept with lots of her coworkers. There she met a nurse, she told me she always liked her because she is very fit, and has nice silicon boobs. But she tought she was straight because she dated a couple of guys from the hospital. But one day she noticed the nurse staring at her boobs but she said nothing. Then they started sharing some night shifts and they met in the showers a lot and avery time they came across the nurse slaped stefys ass. So one day stefy decided to let her towel fall in front of the nurse and the girl couldn't stop staring. They almost fucked there and stefy took her to her place and they fucked there.

    The nurse haven't gotten out of the closet so she dates guy to keep the apparences and stefy fucks who ever she wants. Around the same time she worked many shifts in the gynecology department as support to the specialist. And she got the attention of the chief of the department, a almost 60 years old doctor, she sais she doesn't realy likes him but says hes a decent fuck and had helped her alot. After a couple of dinners together she decided to go for it and sucked his dick in his cat in front of the hospital. A week later he requested her to be permanently on the gyneco department, she got payed more for less hours, and they started fucking about once a week. Later some scholarships appeared to specialize on gyneco and he "helped" her to get one. That was the first time she let him fuck her in the ass, he had never fucked an ass before.

    Actually she doesn't sleep with him that much because his wife is very suspicious of him cheating. She fucks a lot with the nurse. She and I had fucked twice since the first time, she fucked with kiky once and we had cucked kiky once more.

    We had become very good friends we speak almost daily on the phone (that's why I know so much about her) we lunch together everytime we can. I plan on taking her with me on my next bussines trip. She's my favorite toy right now, I had to put xime aside cuz she started getting crazy again, lexy is always busy right now she works more than I do at the office, and also is not that happy about me fucking her sister again. My assistant is doing other men mainly because I'm not willing to fuck her in front of her husband, we only had met twice since we cucked kiky together, judy is dating a politician so she is of limits right now and Nat husbands doesn't allow her to come.

    I'm doing kiky a lot, she even had stayed the night a lot but is because all the other girls are not available and I'm to lazy to go out and find new girls having her ass as booty call.

    The problem with stefy is that she takes so many shifts that she's not as available as i would like. But she is so good that i made her part of kiky's fifth test

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    Re: Stories

    Space In my country we have a saying for that kind of situation. For every pussy you refuse to take in life there is a big black cock waiting for you in hell

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    Re: Stories

    wow another magnificent story and love your details and every thing you posted about Stefy, love to fuck her

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