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    cant wait to see the costumes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poth2747 View Post
    cant wait to see the costumes.
    I can't wait to take them off them

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    Re: Stories

    Last Saturday while I was having breakfast with my ex-wife Kiky, after a night of kinky angry sex, we were talking about sex and our sex lives, specially hers, and she told me that this was the longest she had been without sex (three months) since she lost her virginity when she was 13 years old. We talked about her first time, I knew it was in a bathroom with a dude many years older than she, she explained that she had been dating a dude more than 10 years older for about a month and that he came to visit her at her house, she was alone with her grandmother, and after some kissing and touching he asked her to go out, so she said she had to take a shower, she went into the bathroom and when she was in the middle of her shower the man came into the bathroom.

    She got scared because of her grandma but he told her she was sleep, and then she asked him to leave cuz no one had ever seen her naked but he started to kiss her and touch her, she said she was afraid and horny at the same time, at some point after some struggling she let him finger her and then the dude got his cock out it was the first time she saw one in person, she said it was huge one of the biggest she had had, se freaked out and started crying and the man got furious and told her that he could get any girl from his age to fuck with him at any time, she sat on the sink and he putted his cock next to her face and asked her to suck it, she told me that after the first shock of the taste and the feel she started to enjoy it a bit specially when she felt it grow inside her mouth, she also said it was confusing because the cock was super hairy and had an awful smell.

    Obviously she was an awful cocksucker at that time and the dude got bored and told her it was the worst blowjob he had ever had, she stood up and asked him to leave but he said she couldn’t leave him like that so he pushed her to a the bathroom wall and started to force her to spread her legs and lift her ass she asked him to stop she said he was too big, but she was wet and kind of wanted it, she took some baby oil she had on the shower and putted on the man’s cock, she turned around and lifted her ass, the dude penetrated her hard and she screamed a little and cryed a bit, he pounded her hard for about two minutes and came on her ass cheeks. She sat again on the sink and saw her “boyfriend” get dressed and leave. She saw blood running down her legs and felt the cum on her ass and back, she washed herself and went to get dressed, when she went back to the living room he was gone.

    When we were finishing breakfast she told me that she wished we could get back together but I told her I couldn’t trust her and also told her that she should take advantage that she was alone and do everything she wanted or haven’t done without hurting anyone. She told me that she had done everything that has yet to be done, she told me that she started doing weed and other drugs very young, she used to get high with other four girls and once they went to a forest to camp and got very high and tried LSD and ended up on a 5 girl orgy, she also said that when they were seniors at high school they went to a male strippers show, they were drunk and high and sucked all the strippers cocks and etc. after midnight one of the strippers asked for a girl to join him and she did it and fucked the dude on the stage in front of her friends, it was the first time she swallowed cum, it was her 18th birthday.

    She told me that many times she got topless and even nude at the only rock bar that is on her town, apparently all the rockers of her town have seen her naked and she had sucked and fucked many of them, apparently she used to exchange her clothes for drinks or drugs. She also said that when she was at the first semester of college she lived in the same apartment with her bestfriend (man) and another dude. One night they were drinking and listening to music in her bedroom, it was a very hot night (in the town we went to college it could be 32C – 90F in the night) so she changed to some shorts and a little blouse without bra, she was with her two roomates and other two men, she liked one of the other two dudes so she started to dance with him very sexy, one of them had extasis and gave it to her, she remembers that her bestfriend started to dance with her two, she was between the two and she was very sweety, he told her she was so wet he could see her nipples and she got topless, she remembers her bestfriend sucking her nipples and that one of the dudes said lets fuck this bitch and she said hell yeah, she laid on her bed and the four dude took her shorts off and started to grope her and finger her, then she said where are those cocks and they got naked and took turns with her mouth and pussy and the others groping her boobs and ass, then she said her ass wasn’t virgin so she had a cock in her ass, other in her pussy and took turns to suck the other two cocks, she remembers all the dudes getting inside of each of her holes, she also remembers taking another pill and then waking up in the floor naked and with her face covered in dry cum, she saw herself in mirror and was covered in bruises, hickeys and scratches and her bed was broken.

    She said that when she agreed to live with me she did it cuz she thought she had done everything and could stop whoring, and that when we got married she really tried to stay true. And also told me that she had felt the difference in her since she’s taking her medicine and after all the treatments but I just can’t trust her anymore.

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    Re: Stories

    kiky has a lot of stories to tell, kind of feel sorry for her for all the whoring she did. hope all the treatments she is going through will truly help her in the future.

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    Re: Stories

    Uh.....she got borderline raped by a pedophile with a smelly cock. Lol

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    Re: Stories

    Quote Originally Posted by some guy View Post
    Uh.....she got borderline raped by a pedophile with a smelly cock. Lol
    kind of yes,but you have to understand that in a third world country like ours it's a very common thing, in here 14 years old girls are allowed to get married and must parents, like Kiky's and Lexy's, feel proud when their young daugthers are dating older men. Drs. beleive that it is one of the main reasons she's got a personality disorder and hypersexual dissorder (or in common tongue a whore)

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    Quote Originally Posted by poth2747 View Post
    kiky has a lot of stories to tell, kind of feel sorry for her for all the whoring she did. hope all the treatments she is going through will truly help her in the future.
    yeah it's kinda fucked up, she told me that she wanted to get gang banged since the first time she got naked on a bar, she enjoyed being the center of attention of that many dudes, she said that when she got fucked by the four dudes she only cummed once because since they changed positions too often she couldn't get properly fucked, she also told me that on her official bachelorete party her friends hired a male stripper and she and two of her friends sucked him and he cummed on Kiky's face, she also told me that before our marriage she had to do something she felt she had to do, since her gang bang she always thought that if she fucked with three guys and not four it would be perfect so one week before the wedding she went to a bar and found a group of three young guys, and convinced them to fuck her, she said that since each of them always had a hole to fuck they were more concistent and she cummed countless times she said it was her own personal private bachelorete party and one of the best fucks of her live, she said she didn't did any drugs that time to fully enjoy the ride.

    she also confesed that in our wedding two former lovers of her were invited without me knowing, one invited by her intentionaly, and one invited by her parents with out they knowing he was her lover. In the place where our wedding reception took place we had a room with a private bathroom and some furniture where only we could get to, apparently at some point she went inside to go to the bathroom and the dude her parents invited followed her, they kissed and he fingered her and she jerked him but non of them cummed because I went inside and almost caught them, the guy she invited also went inside the room with her and they fucked. apparently it happened while I was taking care of my mother who got sick in our wedding.
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    Re: Stories

    I asked her why did she told me all of this and she said Drs told her that she should come clean to all the people she betrayed. and she also said that she wanted my forgiveness and that she hopes that been honest to me will help her to get back together. I told her that if I knew all that we probably would never had been anything but fuck budies

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    Re: Stories

    if I knew about her pass I would of never married her.

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    Re: Stories

    she even had her lesbian past, besides the lesbian orgy while camping. You know how girls love to seem lesbian to get guys interest,they dance with their girlfriends and even kiss to get us horny, well she did that a few times when we started going out, one day she even let her best girlfriend suck her tits on a bar while we were dancing, that night after sex I asked her if she was Bi and she said no, she said it was only a little game to turn guys on. I kept asking and she admited to me that when she was 15 she was a one of her aunts home for vacations, her aunt had a daugther two years older than her, she and her cousin slept in the same bed, she told me that her cousin asked her many personal quesions, about boys and sex, etc. she old me that one night her cousin asked her if she ever kissed a girl, and kiky said no, and her cousin convinced her of kissing, the next night it was a very hot night so they were on their underwear, kiky's cousin started to kiss her and conviced to fuck together, it was kiky's first lesbian fuck.

    many years latter we came a cross with one friend of kiky on a shoping mall, after the greetings and bla bla, we walked away and kiky told me that she was a lesbian and that she used to hit on her while they were seniors, I got suspicious so I kept asking and kiky confessed me that one night she let the girl suck her pussy but she didn't did anything to her.

    Her bestfriend from highschool and college (Lina) once told me that they fucked together once, when they were starting college, kiky confessed to her anout all her lesbian past experiences and Lina old her she had never done anything with a girl so they got high and fucked. they don't speak anymore cuz things got prety ugly betwen them, Lina's boyfriend and I. one year after I met Kiky, Lina's boyfriend graduated from College and she decided to give him a threesome as a present, since Kiky was her bestfriend she thought she would be the only girl she'll trust to share her boyfriend with. they had their threesome and for what I learned latter, Lina's boyfriend got obssesed wuth Kiky, always talking about her fucking skills, and her body, and they, Kiky and Lina's boyfriend started a Romance, Lina found out and decided to get revenge so we fucked together, after sex, she told me everything about the threesome, her boyfriends obsession and their romance, I told her that we had an open relationship so i didn't care about the romance and I asked her if we could have a threesome, kiky, lina and I; but she told me that when she was convincing kiky to do it she offered to do the same with me but kiky said she wouldn't be confortable sharing me like that with her.

    A few days latter Lina confronted Kiky and her boyfriend and they accepted everything, Lina was pissed and told them about she fucking with me, Kiky got pissed and slaped Lina and they never talked again. somedays latter the dude looked for me and tried to fight me for fucking her girlfriend and I kicked his ass after all I practied martial arts for about six years. Kiky told me it wasn't cool that I banged her former bestfriend and I got very pissed because she had had a threesome with him and fucked him many other times.

    She once told me that one of her friends from college used to date a drugdealer, and that they used to go to partieswith he and his friends, she told me that in those parties the guys literaly throwed money everywhere so they always left theparties with lots of money on their purses. obviously they had to sleep with the guys but it was part of the fun. Once kiky was very drunk and I remembered those stories so I asked her again what was the craziest party wuth the drugdealers and she told me that one night she was at her apartment and her friend called her asking for help, kiky went to the drugdealer's house and found her friend dancing naked with the dude, Kiky's friend told her that the dude was trying to forcer to have a threesome with him and a prostitute and she felt disgusted about doing it with a prostitute so she wanted Kiky's help, Kiky only said that hey did it and that she never acepted any invitation from they anymore

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