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Thread: **Competition** Public whale tails! **Cash prize**

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    **Competition** Public whale tails! **Cash prize**

    Competition winner will receive $50 though PayPal!

    What is the competition?
    The competition is simple get the most people looking at your (or other persons) whale tail. You must capture via video or picture of someone looking at the exposed thong in public. The person or couple that can get the most captures of people taking a look will win.

    Formate your post:

    Picture of the thong(s) being used through out the weeks or that day:
    (Place picture of model wearing the thong)

    Proof of people taking a peak:
    (Place video or images of people taking a peak here)

    Other rules, etc
    1.) No streaking. No duh if you streak you will get a lot of people to look but it's against the rules. The thong has to be worn under something (skirt, jeans etc)

    2.) No see through material. (Can be slightly see through like yoga pants but nothing over the top.)

    3.) No pre existing pictures. All pictures must not have been posted anywhere before.

    4.) For a look to be counted the person must be different every time. (One person can not look 5 times and you get 5 points.) One point per person, not one point per look.

    5.) All points are subject of the rules. All replies to this thread will be kept track of on the leaderboard section of this post.

    6.) Must be only one model entered into the competition, not multiple

    7.) All media must not be viewable(no downlods)



    Will be announced with the most points on November 30th
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    Re: **Competition** Public whale tails! **Cash prize**

    This looks like a fun competition. Since we're far too discrete (at least, we try to be and we never stick around to find out the contrary), we'll have to bow out of this one. Good luck to anyone else that will be participating!

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    Re: **Competition** Public whale tails! **Cash prize**

    Thanks, I looked for any competitions and didn't find any so I figured might as well spread the wealth a little. I always looked at this site but never made an account. It's been good to me so might as well give out some money.

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    Re: **Competition** Public whale tails! **Cash prize**

    Sounds like a fun idea!
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    Re: **Competition** Public whale tails! **Cash prize**

    What a great idea! Sounds very tricky but also very fun

    Good luck
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    Re: **Competition** Public whale tails! **Cash prize**

    The most active competition I've started was Best POV. If you really wanted to get people involved. Not sure this one will have many because most of the people on here are sharing pictures of their wife without her knowing.

    Myself personally I'm not huge on public stuff.

    Just an idea
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    Re: **Competition** Public whale tails! **Cash prize**

    Very true I'll let this run for another 3 days if nothing pops up I'll probably just try to have this deleted and hopefully another idea can come to mind. Possibly even a little help from you too

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    Re: **Competition** Public whale tails! **Cash prize**

    if iam the only post do I win ?

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    Re: **Competition** Public whale tails! **Cash prize**

    Yes the end date will still be November 30th though just to give enough time to anyone else.

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    Re: **Competition** Public whale tails! **Cash prize**

    I think we might participate! I'll talk to her about it tonight.

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