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Thread: Need New Mods

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    Re: Need New Mods

    I had been very busy lately but i'm trying to give the forum time again so i hope to be able to resume my mod labor on the general and candid threads


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    Re: Need New Mods

    To be honest,the lions share of the membership are respectful of the rules,which makes being a mod a far easier task.It's actually unusual for a forum this young to have such a well behaved and respectful membership.It speaks volumes about the caliber of folks we have here,as opposed to many other forums I'm a member of.Gigantic kudos to TWFs people for the class act they bring to this site every day.
    Last edited by TONY; 05-27-2016 at 04:27 AM.

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    Re: Need New Mods

    Are you guys still looking for mods?

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