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Thread: Yoga thongs

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    Re: Yoga thongs

    Oh man! Fantastic slips and videos... But she knew about the slip .... impossible she doesn't know! The video of year about thong slip for me!!

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    Re: Yoga thongs

    Fantastic update!
    FBMILF i wrote you on youtube with some more videos of Jodi Blumstein
    Write me here or on the mail i sent you if you want more slips from the site

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    Re: Yoga thongs

    I have a good list of yogaglo slips also!

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    Re: Yoga thongs

    I've got a few more of her downloaded! Just gotta edit them and put some zoom shots in there!

    Like, Comment and Subscribe to my Youtube Channels!!! AND

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    Re: Yoga thongs

    thanks for posting

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    Re: Yoga thongs

    Would love to hear more about that list danete666!

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    Re: Yoga thongs

    Thank you for your work!
    I dided in the editing procress

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    Re: Yoga thongs

    3:40 and 4:46 fantastic shots.

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    Re: Yoga thongs

    Quote Originally Posted by carnafix View Post

    3:40 and 4:46 fantastic shots.
    5:18 is the money shot

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