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Thread: Celebrity Thong Rules - Updated 04/01/16

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    Re: Celebrity Thong Rules - 29/11/15 (ideas welcome)

    Quote Originally Posted by Niggaplease View Post
    Can we ban farfar? I'm so tired of him bumping threads with nothing
    Although he does post some pictures I would say about 40% do not fit the rules.
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    Re: Celebrity Thong Rules - Updated 04/01/16

    Quote Originally Posted by ThongKing View Post
    These rule should hopefully clear up some of the confusion in this section.

    1. No under 18 photos. If the age is borderline, then you must provide evidence that the photo was taken after they had turned 18 years old.
    2. Only clear thong photos allowed. Clear visible thong lines (VTLs) are allowed as well. Please note that a crease in an outfit does not always equate to a VTL.
    3. Photos of celebrities buying/looking at thong underwear are allowed.
    4. When creating a new thread, please use the correct title format: Name of celeb, then the word thong after i.e. Miley Cyrus Thong. All first letters must be capitalized.
    5. When creating new celeb thread, please give some details about the celebrity such as age and what they are most famous for. The first couple of lines from Wikipedia is normally good enough.
    6. Do NOT use paying image hosts. You will be banned.

    Feel free to add any suggestions you would like to see in the rules.
    Good clear set of rules, TK.

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