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Thread: 2015 Special Thanks + Site Update

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    2015 Special Thanks + Site Update

    Hey guys

    Just wanted to write a little post thanking you for all your great work this year. This site would really be nothing without it's members and I am very grateful for all of your hard work and time your spend on the site.

    We also managed to pass the 10,000 member mark this year which is amazing

    A big thanks to all the members that contribute images to the site. We nearly have 700 different celebrities showing off their thongs which must be one of the largest collections on the whole of the internet.

    Also a massive thanks to all the people that contribute to the members section that post images of themselves of their partners. For most people you are their favourite part of the whole website. It takes quite a lot of guts to post intimate images online and I think I speak for everyone when I say we are grateful that you do

    I have also been working on my own image hosting site which I hope to have up and running early in the year. Hopefully it will improve the site and add more security of images as they would be stored on my own servers, not a 3rd party website that could decide at any point to shut down or delete the images.

    On the whole this is a great little community which I am very happy to be a part of and I hope it last for many years to come!

    Once again thank you for all your hard work. Have a great Christmas and I look forward to what this site has to offer in 2016
    My email - (I will reply within 24 hours)
    Check out my other thong website -
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    Re: 2015 Special Thanks + Site Update

    appreciate all the time and contributions you made to this site, hope you have a very merry Christmas.

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