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Thread: she loves the sheer *Verified User*

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    Re: she loves the sheer *Verified User*

    Epic update

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    Re: she loves the sheer *Verified User*

    Amazing post. Love the video of her working in the closet!

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    Re: she loves the sheer *Verified User*

    Super hot pictures! I like the little stories behind them too, adds an extra layer. And happy for you that your girl is finally letting her thong show in public! So awesome!
    What did you say to her to convince her to let her thong show in public? What was the conversation? Did she take much convincing? How was southwestzombies brought up?

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    Re: she loves the sheer *Verified User*

    so ill ask the question we'reall wondering, can we expect a southwestzombies esque YT channel in the near future? hahaha would be amazing, great stuff

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    Re: she loves the sheer *Verified User*

    I cant add any other adjective to how great this update was so i will not try but damn it was good! Congrats on getting her to turn the yyyyyy corner and doing it in public. "If you don't care i don't care" must have been music to your ears and an immediate hardening down below.

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    Re: she loves the sheer *Verified User*

    Quote Originally Posted by ThongWife View Post
    sorry for not uploading in awhile but here are some random pictures we have taken over the last 2 months.
    the first set is what i got to look at the whole afternoon when doing yard work, the 2nd set we were out shopping and you can see she has on some sheer leggings =] i think some dude was trying to get a look. the blue thong set we were changing about to go out to dinner. she had a few thong slips around the house. the next few sets we were at the beach relaxing. its our favorite place to spend time together hehe we woke up extra early one morning to get to the beach early. she had brought the thong bikini i bought her a few months ago that she has been to nervous to wear. i finally talked her into it and she slipped i on to get that nice booty tan going. a few guys and girls walked past but not many. this older maybe late 40's got a good look and came up close. he kind of had a smile on his face and he just so happened to be with his son maybe later 20's?. we didnt do any beach walking with that one on tho. next few were some random shots i got but at the end were some thing slips she was having around the house and she has worked up the courage to finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy show in public. she finally gave in and said if i dont care then she wont care and we have been pretty happy these last few days. went around to some stores and she was bending looking at a few items with her thong exposed. usually she would make sure it didnt show by pulling over her shirt or not bending in a specific way. its been great all i did was show her the southwestzombies youtube and was like... do this lmao and she actually said okay! happy me equals happy forum posting! here are the videos i have taken in downloadable format.

    Jesus Christ! That is an epicly hot update! I only managed to get through half the post before blowing load. After recovering I returned again to do the same for the second part. AMAZING!!!!

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    Re: she loves the sheer *Verified User*

    Quote Originally Posted by ThongWife View Post
    sorry for not uploading in awhile

    You are all forgiven for this absence, I really like your upload and particulary those leggings pics !

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    Re: she loves the sheer *Verified User*

    I am still getting off on the latest update, just incredible pictures of one amazing ass.

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    Re: she loves the sheer *Verified User*

    her in jeans is amazing. could you get some when you're in public showing more of where you are, like if other people happen to see her thong

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    Re: she loves the sheer *Verified User*

    I second cheesewiz's request. I'd love to see more of this beauty in jeans with some thong slips

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