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Thread: my sister

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    Re: my sister

    I will put some panty shots in the next update. Prefer worn or unworn?

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    Re: my sister

    whatever you got! haha worn is great of course

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    Re: my sister

    more pics of her too!

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    Re: my sister

    I love that you can see the pink through her shirt

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    Re: my sister

    great ass!!

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    Re: my sister

    Oh wow, your sister is stunning. How old is she btw?

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    Re: my sister

    No panty shot yet but there is this.IMG_2159.jpgIMG_2160.jpg

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    Re: my sister

    Shes 32

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    Re: my sister

    Shit man your sister is hot ! I'm loving what you have so far. I would like to see her dirty thongs myself also. And clean I want to see them all brother ! Ha ha. Keep on with the good work she looks incredible. She have any Lacey stuff ? Silk ??

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