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Thread: Verify Your Account!!!!

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    Question Verify Your Account!!!!

    So here is where I'm at with some of the problems we're having...
    • Posters that post 1 pic and then leave to never return
    • Posters that post lots of picture claimin they're their own
    • a lack of any type of guidelines on posting: what type of pictures are allowed and such, minimum resolutions, correct orientations...
    • when does a thread get deleted or moved

    What problems do you guys see? Help us out here.

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    Re: Let's Talk Rules!

    I agree 100% with what Scott has presented. Please bring your thoughts to this discussion. Our mission is to have a better members thread and provide a better user experience.

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    Re: Let's Talk Rules!

    Some suggestions for you guys. Not sure if they are any help though.

    Maybe new posters should have to write a little bio about their partner and what type of content they have/are willing to post.

    New member should always try to include a verification picture such as holding a sign and if they can't then another form of evidence should be included.

    As I say just a few ideas. I don't spend much time here so I am not sure how practical these ideas are so feel free to completely ignore them
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    Re: Let's Talk Rules!

    Don't see a problem with the "one and done" thing. Maybe some people have one epic pic they want to share, and then decide not to share anymore.

    Not everyone is going to be a superstar like Scott and Dawn. That's what makes you so popular.

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    Re: Let's Talk Rules!

    Great topic, I think those who just want to post content should do it in other sections. The members section should be reserved for those who post content on themselves or an actual partner.
    Some guideline would be useful to new posters.

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    Re: Let's Talk Rules!

    There is a section for people that just want to post random pictures. It down in the amateur section.

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    Re: Let's Talk Rules!

    I don't really think the posting a picture with a sigh thing will work because like in my situation I really don't feel like making up a sign cuz I'm pure lazy.she knows I post here but I'm not going to spend time doing that. Would rather just t's capture some thong pics and be done. It just bothers me when people create an account for whatever reason and never use them to write comments ect. Any account that is older than a year with less than 1 comment should just be removed.
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    Re: Let's Talk Rules!

    Sorry for the run on sentences and bad grammar, I'm in a car and on an iPhone lmao
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    Re: Let's Talk Rules!

    Yeah, there are just too many threads in this section, and a lot of them are just pictures. Some of the threads just die out because the users don't update them or because they are just boring in general. We need more variety and more content, not just pictures. Some biography or some stories related to the photos would make the threads more interesting.
    I think we should delete the threads that aren't active. There are just too many threads to look at, and this makes it difficult for users to follow and comment.

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    Re: Let's Talk Rules!

    Too many threads?
    Some users need to use the "What's New?" button under the "Donate" in the top left. That way they don't comment on a dead thread
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