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Thread: More of my misses

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    More of my misses

    Hey Guys, had to take down my previous pictures, someone always ruins it for all of us.. anyway here is some pictures of my misses i havent shown you yet.. please let me know what you would do to her, i would love for someone to have a go on her. she doesnt know ive uploaded her pictures but i think you like might like them.. again let me know what you guys would like to do to her.. i would love someone else to fuck her i am from the UK

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    Re: More of my misses

    Stunning ! I'd love to make her knickers wet for sure !! Slap her arse and make her tell you she loves being fucked by me ! So sexy. Lovely pics. Hope to see more

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    Re: More of my misses

    Your misses is fit, I'd love to fuck her, would love to see ,more pics

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    Re: More of my misses

    Oh yes, she's a cutie.

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    Re: More of my misses

    that tight little body looks like fun and that shaved pussy lovely, i'm from UK to PM me if you want to trade a few pix or chat.

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    Re: More of my misses

    Hey I would love to fuck/threesome your wife she is lovely where in UK are you

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    Re: More of my misses

    mmmm awesome pics
    luv her shaved pussy

    i wanna fuck her

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    Re: More of my misses

    wealthy woman who has a beautiful pussy, I like, congratulations

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    Re: More of my misses

    love to see more of her

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    Re: More of my misses

    As soon as I get more I will put them on

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