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Thread: Girlfriend's Thong

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    Re: Girlfriend's Thong

    Here's a short video I forgot to upload of her rubbing her pussy.

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    Re: Girlfriend's Thong

    Holy fuck! I just want to bury my face in that pussy!

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    Re: Girlfriend's Thong

    wow, wish that was me rubbing and licking her pussy, lets see more of her

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    Re: Girlfriend's Thong

    She is awesome her black thong looks really good ! I get it when you say it's tricky to get pics sometimes but hope we'll see more !

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    Re: Girlfriend's Thong

    My goodness that is a hot ass and amazing story dude.
    Can't wait to hear and see more

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    Re: Girlfriend's Thong

    One of the best stories I've read here!

    Also, Love the angle of the below pic, with the thong on her cute bottom whilst her nipple pokes out!

    Quote Originally Posted by sebajohn123 View Post
    Sorry it's been so long! Here's some pictures I just got tonight She's been really getting more adventurous recently. We are gonna go pants shopping soon so I can find her some jeans that let her thong show me. She seems somewhat receptive to trying to show off in public a little.

    We also had a really hot experience the other day. We were driving home from visiting some people and we were both pretty horny. There weren't many cars on the road so she started giving me a BJ while I was driving. A car started to pass us and she took my dick out of her mouth but kept jerking me off and staring at the other car while they passed. I told her that was really hot and she kept doing more and more. At first she let me pull her thong up so it was visible while she bent over and sucked my dick. Then she decided to unzip her jeans so her thong was totally showing. She let me finger her while she sucked me off and her ass was in the air. Then she leaned back in her seat and took her pants off and started masturbating on her own. This was as we were starting to see more traffic. This just seemed to turn her on more. She leaned back over to my seat with her ass in the air and nothing but a thong on. She sucked my dick for about 30 minutes as I fingered her. We kept passing cars and they could all see her ass in that thong as I fingered her. She was soaking wet. Finally, after about an hour of all this, I couldn't hold it and came all in her mouth. I'm hoping she'll want to do more stuff like this because it was insanely hot.

    Anyways, here are the pictures! Enjoy.

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    Re: Girlfriend's Thong

    Hope you all get as hard looking at her ass as I did!

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    Re: Girlfriend's Thong

    wow what a update, that last picture took me over the edge

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    Re: Girlfriend's Thong

    Fucking hot

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    Re: Girlfriend's Thong

    wow she is sexy and has a great body, but that ass omg im in love!! nice tits too would love to suck on those nipples

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