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Thread: Girlfriend's Idea About Whale Tails

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    Re: Girlfriend's Idea About Whale Tails

    My girlfriend's thong has been showing more and more lately. Not a tonne, but definitely more. At home it's showing quite a bit. She only wears thongs under he jeans, but will sometimes still wear her thong low on her hips. I think though once she's going to the gym regularly she will feel more confident about her body and won't care so much if her thong shows (fingers crossed anyway).

    This picture is from last week. We went to her sister's house for dinner. After dinner my girlfriend and I were lying on one couch whilst her sister and brother-in-law were sitting on the other couch. My girlfriend was on her back with her legs on my lap. Eventually she turned over into the couch, pulling the covers with her. They lifted to show her leopard-print thong whale tail. Only a couple of inches but super sexy. I looked up to see if her sister and brother-in-law had seen. Her sister looked at me, then looked at my girlfriend and saw her thong was showing. She immediately turned to her husband and said "oh my god, look at my sister! Look how much her thong is showing!" He looked and then grinned. Every once in a while I saw her sister and brother-in-law look at my girlfriend's whale tail. It was a pretty sexy night.

    thumbnail_photo 1.jpg

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    Re: Girlfriend's Idea About Whale Tails

    great story, love the picture wish I was there to see her thong, looks like she has a nice body, what size thong does she wear.

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    Re: Girlfriend's Idea About Whale Tails

    Nice pic and story. Was she sleeping on the couch like that ?

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    Re: Girlfriend's Idea About Whale Tails

    fantastic story and photo, please keep on sharing

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    Re: Girlfriend's Idea About Whale Tails

    Great story, great pic! Super hot that other people saw her tail and commented on it!

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    Re: Girlfriend's Idea About Whale Tails

    poth she wears M. Yeah she turned around on the couch to sleep. She didn't know about her thong showing. Thanks willie, thanks Threestring.

    This picture is from a couple weeks ago. We were going out for lunch. She wore dark denim jeans and a top that stopped just at the top of her jeans. Didn't get any photos from throughout the day but each time she bent over or sat down her whale tail was showing. At lunch, we were at a table next to 2 guys. She had her back to them. I noticed they were looking at her quite a lot throughout their meal. I thought her whale tail could be a reason. I told her I was going to the toilet (to walk back to the table I would have to come from behind her). When I came back, her black VS v-string was showing pretty much like it is in the picture, with her shirt not covering anything. My dick immediately got hard and stayed that way until we both got home and I could enjoy her ass in doggy.

    thumbnail_photo 4.jpg

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    Re: Girlfriend's Idea About Whale Tails

    Great pic ! Seems things are going well for you I also love it when I see other random people notice her whale tail

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    Re: Girlfriend's Idea About Whale Tails

    great story I would of been hard if I saw her whale tail at the restaurant

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    Re: Girlfriend's Idea About Whale Tails

    Super hot! Love the visuals too! Love it when you notice other guys looking.

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    Re: Girlfriend's Idea About Whale Tails

    Nice whaletails. You definitely would of caught me staring!

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