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Thread: Ummmmmmmmms You

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    Re: Ummmmmmmmms You

    Would love an invite!

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    Re: Ummmmmmmmms You

    Could I get a invite love you guys

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    Re: Ummmmmmmmms You

    Hook a long-time and vocal fan up!

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    Re: Ummmmmmmmms You

    I say pretty quiet but have always loved watching both of y'all progress on the old site and new site and love seeing all the new things y'all do together. Y'all have been inspiration hope to be picked.

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    Re: Ummmmmmmmms You

    I've followed you two since the old site, your wife is one of the main reasons I am on this site too. Love her whale tail pics and hopefully I'll be privileged to be a part of your thread.

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    Re: Ummmmmmmmms You

    hey i'ld love to see some more. Whaletail 4 life!

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    Re: Ummmmmmmmms You

    I've been a fan of whale tail before. When the old site was up. I love and enjoy your thong adventures in public. They are amazing!!!

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    Re: Ummmmmmmmms You

    ive been a fan for a long time, would love an invite. heres hoping =] your wife is magnificent and your pictures are nothing short of extraordinary

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    Re: Ummmmmmmmms You

    Sweet baby Jesus!!!!! Scott, you know I've always been down for you and Dawn!!!

    I, like yourself, am a connoisseur of ass and Dawn's asshole is the ultimate cum blast initiator!

    I'm honored to be considered for all of the level 70 memberships!


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    Re: Ummmmmmmmms You

    I have been following this site, and the one before, and amateur board. I have purchased file dumps. Your thread is easily one of the main reason, I, or anyone comes to this site regularly. You and Dawn are key to this community. I would obviously enjoy an invite to follow your additions even more than I already do.

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