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Thread: Ummmmmmmmms You

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    Re: Ummmmmmmmms You

    Can I join the group. Please.

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    Re: Ummmmmmmmms You

    how can I join please?

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    Re: Ummmmmmmmms You

    I would love an invite

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    Re: Ummmmmmmmms You

    I would love an invite. Thank you for your consideration.

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    Re: Ummmmmmmmms You

    Would love to join the group - always loved your pictures, and was also very involved in the Question/Answer thread you guys did. Cheers!

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    Re: Ummmmmmmmms You

    Pa-leeeeeeeeeaaaase consider me for membership! Love Dawn and the way thongs look on her. Love your camera work and the work you put into the community. Love your work so much

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    Re: Ummmmmmmmms You

    been a long time viewer , just not much commenting also same on TAB(the amateur board) and myfreecams(Zumbabutt) hope i can earn an invite

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    Re: Ummmmmmmmms You

    Hope I'm worthy of an invite lol

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    Re: Ummmmmmmmms You

    I don't comment much, but when I do, it's on your posts. Would love to be invited to a member's section to enjoy more of Dawn. I've followed you guys to multiple sites and I am a long-time fan.

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    Re: Ummmmmmmmms You

    Hey there.
    May i have an invite? Ive been on like 3 or 4 of the forums that we all keep migrating to. Whaletailtalk, theamatuer board, etc.

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