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Thread: Dawn's Panties.... For Sale?!?!?

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    Dawn's Panties.... For Sale?!?!?

    Her entire collection is up for sale. The problem? You gotta tell us what you want and what your expectations would be. We can do bulk, worn, unworn, whatever? Email us at and we (Dawn and I) can talk 2 on 1 to work out a deal. This will be 100% customer by customer basis. It might take a bit longer, but we want happy customers and crystal clear expectations on both sides.

    So if you want to own a pair of thoroughly worn Dawn's panties (we have a 4 day process for how her sold panties are worn), have a special request for a photoshoot... etc... email us and we'll go from there
    But remember, no promises.

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    Re: Dawn's Panties.... For Sale?!?!?

    You'll be hearing from me!

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    Re: Dawn's Panties.... For Sale?!?!?

    We are once again ready talk worn panties shipped fresh to your door so email us ASAP!

    It is first come, first serve; we only handle one client at a time and further only like to have a few people queued up. Once the thread gets closed, we aren't entertaining offers at that point and you'll have to wait for it open up.

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    Re: Dawn's Panties.... For Sale?!?!?

    We're 100% open for business! Just PM/email us - we don't bite

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