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Thread: Mid 30's Booty Wife

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    Re: Mid 30's Booty Wife

    Quote Originally Posted by asslover88 View Post
    he prob just kept them as a suvoneir after he got done pounding her, i know i couldnt resist if she came out with me wearing that. her ass looks amazing. did u have sex when she got home? was she a little extra wet?
    I figured he had kept them. She came home and jumped into the shower right away and then she rode me when she got out. I didn't notice her being extra wet.

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    Re: Mid 30's Booty Wife

    Hey guys, sorry it's been so long, a couple new pics.

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    Re: Mid 30's Booty Wife

    love to give it to her in the ass after I spank her

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    Re: Mid 30's Booty Wife


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    Re: Mid 30's Booty Wife

    Looks as good as ever!

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    Re: Mid 30's Booty Wife

    That is amazing!

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    Re: Mid 30's Booty Wife

    That's so Hot! I love the New set

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    Re: Mid 30's Booty Wife

    mmm would love to walk up behind her like that and peel those pants off and have my way with her, her ass looks great and those heels mmmm!! great pics!!

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    Re: Mid 30's Booty Wife

    T-string. They are not 'lingerie'ish'. Lace thong with wide waist bands are much better.

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