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Thread: My wife

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    Re: My wife

    Haha, thongboy50. What a way to mark the 1000th post 😂😂🍾 🎉

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    Re: My wife

    This thread, always a guaranteed boner.

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    Re: My wife

    Quote Originally Posted by poth2747 View Post
    Sure made me very happy! I want to see a video of her giving you oral.
    Or a video of you fucking her from behind. That would be great!

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    Re: My wife

    What a set of boobs, superb update.

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    Re: My wife

    So, the wife went out with friends last night and got back at 2am. Put the washing on this morning and the thong she wore was like this. What happened?

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    Re: My wife

    Maybe she got it from behind {just kidding], possibly to small, I would love to have it

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    Re: My wife

    Hmmmm hot low rise pants with her thong fully showing!!!

    Amazing underwear taste and large amazing breasts

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    Re: My wife

    Quote Originally Posted by Zeebra View Post
    Happy weekend.

    This is absolutely amazing!

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