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Thread: my mum

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    Re: my mum

    Quote Originally Posted by elistar45 View Post
    love that thong, lets see more

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    Re: my mum

    i agree i would love to see more of her sexy cute ass thongs too ! and i think you def need to go looking in her underwear drawer,

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    Re: my mum

    well i had a view :P

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    Re: my mum

    Would love to see an update to this thread.

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    Re: my mum

    My mum is still in her 50s and wearing thongs and strings!

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    Re: my mum

    Quote Originally Posted by shoelover View Post
    You want to use the BB link (the one that starts with URL= and not the HTML link.

    Also I hope this doesn't cause offence but you have a very hot mum. I think she can wear thongs
    If that was my mom, she'd be getting it every night! She's stunning, my mom is in her 50's and still wears thongs too.

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    Re: my mum

    Don't take it bad but you asked for a personal opinion, from my point of view she's too old to wear thongs

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    Re: my mum

    Your mother is super hot! I'd fuck her from behind with her thong pulled to the side!

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    Re: my mum

    Hey man, your mom is hot. She can still wear thongs, that's for sure. And you should tell her that she looks good and young. Then maybe she might wear clothes that are more revealing.

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    Re: my mum

    A woman like that should wear thongs everydays for sure.
    And I bet you donts mind, right???

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