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Thread: My Girl's Stories. (She Cant Contain Her Ass)

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    My Girl's Stories. (She Cant Contain Her Ass)

    Okay I have been dating this girl for 5 years, she is absolutely smoking and I think she's going to be the girl I ultimately marry. The best part about having a thong fetish was when I met her within the first two times we hung out I could tell that she was going to be a full blown whale tailer. The second time we hung out she bent over beside me and I saw her black thong 3 inches up her ass with ass crack on display as well. She is super classy and doesn't intentionally slip its just a natural occurrence that drives me absolutely insane.

    The first story was when me and her a long with a couple friends went to the bar on a Saturday night.. We got dropped off and as soon as she picked me up I saw that she was wearing her favourite leggings that couldn't ever keep her ass contained a long with a higher rising white shirt so I knew there was a great chance that her ass was going to be out.. When we got to the club, she was sitting in the front and me and my two buddies were in the back so she had to get out first to let us out.. As soon as she opened the door and bent over to get out, her jeans slipped down and literally showed 5 inches of pink G string with ass crack and her dad cracked a joke saying "Pull up your pants honey!" My friends didn't say anything but we all saw and I was so ridiculously turned on..

    The entire night when we were inside she was grinding on me and I could see her G string up her back and then when we would sit in the booth I would reach around her and slide my hand down her ass crack with her string still 6 inches up her back.. We took off at around 2 to be picked up again and sure enough for us to get into the back seat she had to bend over to slide the seat up and again her ass was exposed in front of me and my friends..

    I was so horny but we got back at like 3 am so instead of fucking that night she shoved her ass in my face while kneeling beside me and sucked my cock for 15 minutes until I blew a massive load down her throat then she slept beside me in her pink G string.. What a night, Ill never forget.

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    Re: My Girl's Stories. (She Cant Contain Her Ass)

    awesome story man, would love to hear more, maybe a pic or two if you can?

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    Re: My Girl's Stories. (She Cant Contain Her Ass)

    incredible story, hope you have more to share.

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    Re: My Girl's Stories. (She Cant Contain Her Ass)

    Would love to hear more.
    It's awesome that she's not a total slut, but a natural whaletailer. That's the best. And when it just happens getting out of the car and loves you grabbing her ass and play with her thong at the club.
    Super hot dude.
    Does she always sleep in a thong? Love that personally too

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    Re: My Girl's Stories. (She Cant Contain Her Ass)

    For the most part she sleeps in a thong and she literally doesn't wear panties that aren't either a G String or a Thong. She's a dream.

    My new avatar is a picture of her bent over when we went to the movies. That is a natural slip so that can kind of give you an idea of how much her thongs hang out daily..

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    Re: My Girl's Stories. (She Cant Contain Her Ass)

    how old is she, how often you make love, does she swallow, lets see her panty drawer.

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    Re: My Girl's Stories. (She Cant Contain Her Ass)

    Super hot story! I loved it so much. Your girlfriend sounds sexy as. Can't wait to hear more stories of your girlfriend's whale tail!

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    Re: My Girl's Stories. (She Cant Contain Her Ass)

    If she sleeps in things sneak a few photos on here for your fans

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    Re: My Girl's Stories. (She Cant Contain Her Ass)

    I think I can speak for the majority of the people here that would love to see any more pictures of your girl's sexy whaletails and thong slips. Your avatar picture surely cannot be ignored lol!

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    Re: My Girl's Stories. (She Cant Contain Her Ass)

    Thanks for all the comments guys, much appreciated! Don't worry I have a ton of stories and pictures!

    There will be a new update soon!

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