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Thread: Familys thongs and toys

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    Re: Familys thongs and toys

    how old is your mom, lets see her panty drawer, what size does she wear.

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    Re: Familys thongs and toys

    Have any pantydrawer shots

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    Re: Familys thongs and toys

    I like her thongs. Does your mom wear thong underwear regularly or just for special occasions?

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    Re: Familys thongs and toys

    Hot update can't wait for more

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    Re: Familys thongs and toys

    My mom is 62, she wears mostly size medium 5/6 in panties, she doesn't wear thongs to often, just special occasions, she's had quite a few toys over the years, but the blue vibe is the one that has been around the longest...shes not to discreet about hiding it in her room....i will have her panty draw soon, been working double shifts this week...also coming up will be some of my sisters thongs and her toys (she just moved back in), a few thongs from my aunts and cousins over the years

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    Re: Familys thongs and toys

    looking forward to your great updates.

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    Re: Familys thongs and toys

    Here are a few more of my moms undies, some sexy some plain...she only wears the sexy ones when its fun time, i snooped on her phone and saw that pops likes it bald when playing, so its easy to tell when theres fun ahead, when her sexy panties go missing and she spends extra time in the shower before going out....while my sister and i were in college they started getting into the swinging lifestyle, one of her hottest thongs was missing (no pic sorry) and an old toy was lying out the next morning not even cleaned off, she really likes see-thru panties, always the first to disappear on the weekends...good amount of views but not a lot of post,,, i may have found some naughty pictures of her exposing her self on her computer....maybe if i get more replies....panty draw coming soon

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    Re: Familys thongs and toys

    I love all her panties even the plain ones.

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    Re: Familys thongs and toys

    Great underwear and story about your mom. And yes I'm sure interested in those pics you may have found of her on her computer

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