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Thread: Familys thongs and toys

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    Re: Familys thongs and toys

    Awesome, loving this thread

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    Re: Familys thongs and toys

    I work with this amazing milf from colombia, i would estimate her age end of 40s/50, dd tits easy, but her ass is epic, shes always wear skin tight pants, sometimes can see her thong thru the white ones, so i try and catch a peek every time i have to work with her, last week she work this lacy thong bodysuit as a shirt, just a bra underneath, i nearly died at lunch when she was bending over the table and the thong rear was riding up her back pretty far, she seemed completely oblivious, i had to find a picture of it online for kicks, and here it is (on some random model)....would you let your wife wear this to work? if there had been anyway to get a pic without her or someone else seeing i would have but i really enjoy this job and its a veryyy small company so i will try but not at the risk of my job....oh yeah im in IT and had to do something on her phone, so i went thru her pics real quick while she was in the other room, i found a pic of her ass in a red gstring,,,if i had more time i would have sent it to myself but again not worth the risk...3182-1_0001.jpg3182-1_00019.jpg

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    Re: Familys thongs and toys

    hope you send some pictures and more updates.

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    Re: Familys thongs and toys

    Love your post... Can't wait to see more of you mom and some sexy pictures of her on the computer.

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    Re: Familys thongs and toys

    Dude you have to keep posting this amazing stuff. Bravo.

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    Re: Familys thongs and toys

    Ok you guys deserve a treat, here is my moms ass in a since i started find toys left out after a night of fun, and the messages from the swinging website, i wanted to catch my parents (audio only seemed the safest way) talking about sex, fooling around or having sex, cuz they are very uptight about talking about it but very sexual people, so i was able to catch them once..only once in the last few years i got an audio recording that goes like this when my mom joins my dad in bed (who was pretty much asleep), no preamble or anything, dad "i want a bj", mom "ok" dad "did you shave your pussy tonght?" mom "no but i will tomorrow night for you baby", but the next night nothing happened...between my dads hip and my sister moving back in i dont think too much is going on, but a few months ago when my mom was cleaning i walked into the room and she quickly tried to hide something...i went over and was being a pain cuz shes never like was a pack of brand new thongs she has just got, cant find them anywhere in her room tho so who knows if they are in active rotation or not, but the pic is one of the new black ones i caught her with...MODS,,, isthere any issue with posting nude explicit non hardcore pics, i am going to try and stretch some posts between working and shit i am busy plus i dont have great access to the underwear of my extended fam as much as i used to...enjoy mom.jpg

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    Re: Familys thongs and toys

    thanks for the update, love to go through her panty drawer.

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    Re: Familys thongs and toys

    Awesome stuff! I really enjoyed your stories! You're mom has quite a lovely booty. It's great that she seems to be getting into thong underwear more regularly.

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    Re: Familys thongs and toys

    Love your stories and pics! Can't wait to see more!! Your mom has a great ass

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    Re: Familys thongs and toys

    this is awesome! how'd you get access to a picture of your mom's ass in a thong?

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