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Thread: Awesome site!

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    Awesome site!

    Hey guys found this website that has girls dancing, stretching, jumping, ect in thongs. Cool website but its 20 bucks a month and you have to log in everytime to download the videos so it gets annoying.

    Im thinking of doing a similar website, just taking a quick poll of how much would you guys pay to see something like this?

    let me hear your thoughts.

    Here is the link to the site

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    Re: Awesome site!

    There is something about 'commercial porn' that... doesn't tickle my pickle. I don't know if it is the nice lighting or the high end equipment, but something about these polished commercial porn sites never does it for me. I'm also way more into photographs than video so there is that, too.

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    Re: Awesome site!

    I agree with Scott, however for me it's usually because of all the fake boobs and the fact that many of the women don't seem to be enjoying the act nearly as much compared to amateur porn. Having said that I LOVE for the production and the amazing lingerie the girls wear. The camera work and production is so high, their porn flicks could almost be mistaken for a mainstream movie. They charge $30 a month.

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    Re: Awesome site!

    oh I feel the same, its just so hard to find something that we are into, so this will do for now.

    I will try that site out RBX

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    Re: Awesome site!

    Actually,the site you mentioned in the first post is owned by a member of this forum.He posts in the model section regularly.ArgentinaMiGusta is his user name and also the name of his main site.

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