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Thread: Alll the thongs i have seen

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    Re: Alll the thongs i have seen

    ok so here is my first candid photo that i found! this was at a party and i cought it out of the corner of my eye. i had to be sooooo sneaky.... but the picture came out great!!!

    view my wife and let me know what you want to see and I'll try to make it happen =]!!

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    Re: Alll the thongs i have seen

    great shot

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    Re: Alll the thongs i have seen

    Here is my story. When I was in high school, I was in advanced maths class. There was nothing special about that class. The girls were not hot, and the class was full of geeks and nerds. I really hated going to that class.

    One day, I sat behind this girl called Abigail. She wasn't hot at all, but she had a nice body because she was into sports. I expected nothing from her. I thought she was too geeky to wear thongs. But as soon as she sat down, I got to see her black g-string. It was at least 2 inches above her trousers. Wow, that was such a surprise. A geeky girl in a thong. I got an instant boner.

    After finding out that she's a thonger, I tried to sit next to her and talk to her. But nothing really came out of our conversations, and we just went our separate ways.

    The moral of this story is you can find a girl sexy if she's a thonger.

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    Re: Alll the thongs i have seen

    I have another story. This one is about my biology teacher. So when I was in 10th grade, I had this tomboy biology teacher. She wasn't hot, but she had a nice booty.
    One day, our head of science walked into our room and asked my biology teacher for some files. She went to her filing cabinet, and crouched down so that she could go through the lower cabinet. There, I was able to see her white thong. In fact, I think our head of science got to see the thong too. He didn't stay long though. He just took the files from her and left the room.

    Another story. This one is about my 11th grade head of year. So she was a P.E teacher, and she would always come to school wearing workout clothes. One day, she came to school wearing a blouse and a pair of white business pants. Oh boy, this was a treat. Her business pants were so revealing, and I could clearly see her red g-string. And during assembly, one of the teachers got behind her and started shifting her pants. Maybe the other teachers got to see her underwear, and they tried to save the embarrassment.

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    Re: Alll the thongs i have seen

    great stories love to hear about thongs people see

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