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Thread: Alll the thongs i have seen

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    Re: Alll the thongs i have seen

    two of my favorite thong stories come from my ex gf in college. She wasnt the most attractive but she was cute, about 5'6, blonde, kinda on the thick side but not fat, very small titties. What was particularly amazing was she was the kind of girl to never wear panties, i mean never, with any clothes (was quite fun when she wore a short skirt). But one specific night i was pleasantly suprised to find her in the tiniest little light blue gstring, mesh in the front. Also had a matching mesh top.

    Another night as we are laying on my bed I was rubbing her back, moved my way down a bit and felt a thong. I quickly lifted up her sweats and found a black thong with little white stars and moons, very sexy

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    Re: Alll the thongs i have seen

    great stories WallIguy

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    Re: Alll the thongs i have seen

    were they white yogapants? god those things drive me crazy i love em. they show thongs so well. there was one girl that i thought was smoking hot who wore white yoga's once and i was like...... yes please! i didnt get a look at her ass because she was going to wrong way.
    view my wife and let me know what you want to see and I'll try to make it happen =]!!

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    Re: Alll the thongs i have seen

    They werent yoga pants, idk what you would call them, more like white slacks? Whatever they were they sure were see through

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    Re: Alll the thongs i have seen

    Going back about 10-12 years ago when the low rise jeans fad started I had a co-worker who was smoking hot; at the time she was in her early 20's, blonde, small boobs, nice ass, kind of a fitness chick. Since most of the other workers were older than us we socialized outside of work occasionally. One day after work we we out for some drinks, she arrived at the restaurant before me and got a table outside, as I walked up behind her I saw about 2 inches of her thong hanging out. The thong was dark blue with silver flowers. At the table I decided to sit next to her instead of across from her so I could look at her thong. The entire night I could see the side strap of her thong. She would pull her shirt down to cover her waistline but minutes later the shirt would lift up, I wondered how many other guys at work that day also got a peak.

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    Re: Alll the thongs i have seen

    bet lot of guys got a view of her thong willie44

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    Re: Alll the thongs i have seen

    Nice Willie44, sounds like a sexy thong!

    At a company thing one day this black chick who i had seen in a gstring before showed up with her bf. Sure enough as shes sitting at the table her orange gstring is halfway up her back. It was out all night, she didnt even care and she had to have known it was out. Im not even sure how many people saw it that night.

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    Re: Alll the thongs i have seen

    another nice story, black chick was probably drunk

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    Re: Alll the thongs i have seen

    On another occasion, the same girl and a group of us had gone to a conference out of town. After checking into the hotel, we all piled into a rented mini-van to go out to eat, me and another guy were sitting in the back seat, she got into the van and instead of sitting in the 3rd row of the van she squeezed into our seat, Since she got in last she needed to slide the side door closed. When she leaned forward to close the door her white shorts slid down and exposed about 2 inches of her thong. The thong was pink with different colored sparkles. I looked at the guy sitting next me and he about had a heart attack, he was about 50 and probably hadn't seen cute panties in about 10-20 years.

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    Re: Alll the thongs i have seen

    loved to see that myself willie44.

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