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Thread: My Cousin

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    Re: My Cousin


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    Re: My Cousin

    Love the white lace thong ! How did it smell ?

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    Re: My Cousin

    I can tell it was washed.
    But it smelled good.
    I just wish she would've
    finished wearing it.
    Would've smelled better

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    Re: My Cousin

    Well that's it for now.
    Hopefully my hot, thick, piece of ass of a cousin
    will get some new strings. And hopefully I'll be
    able to visit her again soon because I might have missed some.
    But anyways, take care and thanks for letting me share her
    with you guys. When I do score some new pics, I'll be sure
    to upload them

    IMG_3563.jpg IMG_3565.jpg


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    Re: My Cousin

    cant wait till next update

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    Re: My Cousin

    Wassup peeps!
    Hey managed to score two more
    of Renae's sexy, slutty panties!

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    Re: My Cousin

    Here we go
    Another one of her lovely thongs
    IMG_4341.jpg IMG_4347.jpg

    Now this one is definitely fap material
    It may not be a thong but it's incredibly hot!
    Leopard and lace go really good with my slutty cuz
    IMG_4350.jpg IMG_4353.jpg

    Had a dream of her this one night
    I would give anything to embrace and lock lips with my angelic cuz
    I bet she gives amazing head too

    Alright ya'll
    That's it for now
    Fantasize and fap away!
    because I know I will
    Last edited by DeathStroke94; 12-12-2016 at 06:58 AM.

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    Re: My Cousin

    love her panties

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    Re: My Cousin

    Damn. She is fine. I love em thick

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