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Thread: My Cousin

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    Re: My Cousin

    I hear you man!
    If I ever get the chance, I will do us all a solid!

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    Re: My Cousin

    I hear you man!
    If I ever get the chance, I'll do us a solid!

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    Re: My Cousin

    Anything you guys want to know about her, just hit me up.
    I'll tell you whatever you want

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    Re: My Cousin

    is she having sex with any one., just want to see more pictures of her ass and panties

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    Re: My Cousin

    Yeah, she's got a longtime boyfriend and two kids, but that's not going to stop me.
    I know how you feel man. I just finished facebooking with her bout an hour ago,
    and she said I can go and camp at her place because the fair is coming into town.
    I'll see what I can find and hopefully take a picture of her too.
    Wish me luck

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    Re: My Cousin

    Hope you get some panty drawer shots

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    Re: My Cousin

    I hope so too.
    I bet she's got an awesome collection!

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    Re: My Cousin

    Guys, I just got off the phone with her, and it sounds like a plan!!!
    Me and her we chatted for like 30 mins and guess what,
    When we got into 15 mins, I whipped out my cock and started
    Jerking it! And she didn't even notice! I was stroking it
    when she was talking and stuff, she didn't even know.

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    Re: My Cousin

    Can't wait to see more of her stuff. Hope you find some worn stained ones. Her pussy juice all over them. And try get panty drawer.

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    Re: My Cousin

    If u get panty drawer shots u are the man

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