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Thread: My Cousin

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    Re: My Cousin


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    Re: My Cousin

    Love the white lace thong ! How did it smell ?

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    Re: My Cousin

    I can tell it was washed.
    But it smelled good.
    I just wish she would've
    finished wearing it.
    Would've smelled better

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    Re: My Cousin

    Well that's it for now.
    Hopefully my hot, thick, piece of ass of a cousin
    will get some new strings. And hopefully I'll be
    able to visit her again soon because I might have missed some.
    But anyways, take care and thanks for letting me share her
    with you guys. When I do score some new pics, I'll be sure
    to upload them

    IMG_3563.jpg IMG_3565.jpg


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    Re: My Cousin

    cant wait till next update

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    Re: My Cousin

    Wassup peeps!
    Hey managed to score two more
    of Renae's sexy, slutty panties!

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    Re: My Cousin

    Here we go
    Another one of her lovely thongs
    IMG_4341.jpg IMG_4347.jpg

    Now this one is definitely fap material
    It may not be a thong but it's incredibly hot!
    Leopard and lace go really good with my slutty cuz
    IMG_4350.jpg IMG_4353.jpg

    Had a dream of her this one night
    I would give anything to embrace and lock lips with my angelic cuz
    I bet she gives amazing head too

    Alright ya'll
    That's it for now
    Fantasize and fap away!
    because I know I will
    Last edited by DeathStroke94; 12-12-2016 at 06:58 AM.

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    Re: My Cousin

    love her panties

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    Re: My Cousin

    Damn. She is fine. I love em thick

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    Re: My Cousin

    Hey there friends long time no see. Gosh it's been eh lol well with the website being down and all.
    But I'm happy ThongKing patched it up. Unfortunately I could not obtain more pics of Renae.
    Couple reasons is that they moved to another city which is going to make it more difficult, that and
    me and her boyfriend are not getting along at the moment. But I do have a surprise for you guys.
    Some pics of my auntie and let me tell you she's got quite the collection I had no idea she had a
    set until I decided to go through her panty drawer. I'll upload some pics peeps!

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