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Thread: Nikki Next Door

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    Nikki Next Door

    Anyone post pictures of Nikki Next Door/Nikki Sims. Especially the old ones. Especially love the ones of her in Victoria's Secret underwear.

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    Re: Nikki Next Door

    Here's a teaser while I put a suitable post together.

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    Re: Nikki Next Door

    Okay Andjohn1,here she is in the white Victoria Secret thong,along with a few bonus shots of her.If you want more, I have every shot ever taken of her pretty much.

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    Re: Nikki Next Door

    great photos, love to see her panty drawer, thanks TONY

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    Re: Nikki Next Door

    Omg Tony those are amazing. Keep em coming! She's my favorite porn star. Do you have any of the pictures of her in the old VS g-string with the polka dot waistband?

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    Re: Nikki Next Door

    Hmmmm.Is this the set you're talking about?

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    Re: Nikki Next Door

    wow fabulous pictures, thanks TONY

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    Re: Nikki Next Door

    Nailed it. Only thing that sucks is that we never got to really see that little hot box of hers

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    Re: Nikki Next Door

    So true.I went through thousands of her pics and these three were all I could find.She and the photographers went way out of their way to make sure there were no beaver shots.

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    Re: Nikki Next Door

    thanks for those shots TONY

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