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Thread: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

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    Jahpahneez Wayotayo

    Welcome to my new thread folks.Tons more to come.

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    Re: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

    Awesome !!

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    Re: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

    you are the man TONY, what a start, love the whaletails and panty peeks

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    Re: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

    Thank you both.Here's the first update.

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    Re: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

    wow do I ever love this thread, thanks TONY

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    Re: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

    Love this shit could jerk to jap thongs all day

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    Re: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

    Thank you guys,and welcome to any of you making your first stop here.I hope you folks like this little offering.

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    Re: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

    gr8 pics man hope to c more

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    Re: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

    fabulous pictures, thanks TONY

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    Re: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

    oh fucking fuck, TONY strikes again. heading to china in about a month and should be able to get me some hot chinese ass. touch to get those thongs though. will do my best to get some pics

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