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Thread: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

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    Re: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

    Thanks for your comments.That would be the shit if you could come back with some fapping material PantyJay.

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    Re: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

    Fuck yeah! I love Japanese girls. And I love thongs. And this thread has both.

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    Re: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

    if you only knew how much I enjoy these pictures thanks TONY for posting.

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    Re: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

    It's my pleasure to share them.

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    Re: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

    hot damnh, TONY knows what I love!

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    Re: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

    Quote Originally Posted by PantyJAY View Post
    hot damnh, TONY knows what I love!
    got to agree with you, love what TONY posts

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    Re: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

    Keep them coming love this set would love to eat all there ass

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    Re: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

    I appreciate your comments guys,and I'm really glad you like this.Admittedly,Japanese women are still in the process of embracing the power of thongs,so some of these tails are attached to full coverage panties and such.On the other hand,Japanese women love low rise jeans and pants.They have also turned squatting into an art form,which is a big tail producing pose.I hope you enjoy these folks,and thank you for stopping by to take a look.

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    Re: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

    I just love those panty peeks , thanks TONY for another fabulous set

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    Re: Jahpahneez Wayotayo

    This thread is amazing..

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