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Thread: Land Of The Rising Buns

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    Land Of The Rising Buns

    Many years ago,I lived in the Orient for quite an extended period.During my time there,I fell really hard over their women and I'm still afflicted with Asianhottieitis.So,to share my weakness for them,especially in thongs,I've created this little shrine to Oriental goodness.I'd like to dedicate it to PantyJay,a true blue fan of Oriental thong ass.Enjoy folks,and stop back by soon.You're not going to believe how many pics I pump into this.
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    Re: Land Of The Rising Buns

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    Re: Land Of The Rising Buns

    thanks for posting these magnificent photos TONY

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    Re: Land Of The Rising Buns

    My pleasure,thanks for commenting poth.Here's my 1000th post.

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    Re: Land Of The Rising Buns

    congtats on your 1000th post, I just love your magnificent posts, such large high quality photos, keep up the good work TONY

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    Re: Land Of The Rising Buns

    Damn good posts. I recognize some classics from my own collection I collected from the Asian porn forum scanlover before it sadly got defunct, but most are new to me.
    If you like, I could check trough my folders and post some hot Japanese babes in thongs here later.
    Here's a thread I made of Japanese actress/former pornstar Mihiro:

    Btw, is the like buttons don't working, or is there something wrong with my browser?

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    Re: Land Of The Rising Buns

    Thank you guys.Yes,please post away x20,and anyone else who would like to add to this.Here's the next update for all of you to enjoy.

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    Re: Land Of The Rising Buns

    just love Asian asses, thanks TONY

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    Re: Land Of The Rising Buns

    My pleasure poth.

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    Re: Land Of The Rising Buns

    superb update, thanks TONY

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