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Thread: My Moms thongs

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    Re: My Moms thongs

    Very hot!
    My Top 5 Hot Thong Celebrities:
    1 - Kim Kardashian
    2 - Jennifer Lopez
    3 - Khloe Kardashian
    4 - Salma Hayek
    5 - Mariah Carey

    My Top 5 Hot Thong Tennis Players:
    1 - Serena Williams
    2 - Maria Sharapova
    3 - Caroline Wozniacki
    4 - Elena Vesnina
    5 - Sabine Lisicki

    My Threads:
    1 - Alex's Hot Amateur Thong Ass Collection
    2 - My Friend's MILF Hot Thongs
    3 - Amateur Busty Teen Mila That I Know

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    Re: My Moms thongs

    great update

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    Re: My Moms thongs

    Would be cool to see if you could catch a whaletail, does your mom ever have them?

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    Re: My Moms thongs

    Thx for the comments!

    I've Seen two whail tailes of her! One time she wears a blue thong (pics coming up) while she was cleaning! The other time was while we were playing Minigolf ^^ she was wearing tight beige pants and a Black, with flowers corsage! Every time she picked up the Ball I see her sexy panty lines of her thong! Sometimes she bended down, her beige thong slipped out of her pants! She Has making me really horny that day!

    Now it's quite difficult to see some thongs or strings of her because I does Not life together with her! But when Im at home I always take a look into her drawer and watch for new sexy undies and lingerie!

    New pics coming soon

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    Re: My Moms thongs

    cant wait to see the pictures

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    Re: My Moms thongs

    me too.

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    Re: My Moms thongs

    hot undies and lingerie, love the green bodysuit....ever find any toys?

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    Re: My Moms thongs

    Quote Originally Posted by absolutem2 View Post
    hot undies and lingerie, love the green bodysuit....ever find any toys?
    Sry.... No toys! But I found a book about Hand and blowjobs!!

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    Re: My Moms thongs

    Please share more of her

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    Re: My Moms thongs

    Love your thread, bet your mom is super hot too

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