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Thread: Thong flashing help....

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    Thong flashing help....

    Hey guys, I've been wearing thongs for years absolutely love them. My wife loves that I wear them too which makes it even sexier. I've been reading all the stories watching all the videos of guys flashing and the reactions, they get me hard and got me thinking I'd love to try this. So I hike my thong up and usually tuck my shirt into the waist band and just as someone is about to walk by I chicken out and pull my shirt down. I've also bent over or crouch down but again I always chicken out. Clearly I want someone to see it and see their reaction but how do I get over the possibly laughter and just do it??
    How did you guys just do it? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Thong flashing help....

    Wear a short t-shirt that doesn't need to be tucked in. Then wear jeans that are slightly too small so it'll poke out really easily. That way it's going to be much harder for you to chicken out.

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    Re: Thong flashing help....

    just do it in front of strangers. Think to yourself that you're not going to see them again.

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    Re: Thong flashing help....

    Wear pants that will sag and flash your thong, make sure you have very feminine looking panties too. You can also have a belt, you make it loose when you want to flash and then you move the buckle to one of the farther holes to make it tight and hide your girly undies when you don't want to flash.

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    Re: Thong flashing help....

    What pinkandlacy said is spot on. Shorter shirt, jeans that are a little loose around the waist, a belt that's not done up too tight, and sexy panties. I always try to contrast the panties with what i'm wearing. Tonight, for example: short black sweatshirt, tight fitting and loose around the waist blue jeans, belt, and a bright pink satin victorias secret v-string. Bending over or squatting down was sure to show my panties. And the color was so bright compared to what I was wearing, it was sure to draw attention to them.

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    Re: Thong flashing help....

    Guys, why do you flash? Is it because you want attention? Is it because of the exhibitionist kink you have? I flash mainly because I want to show the world that guys can wear thongs. There is so much stigma towards guys who wear thongs, and some people aren't aware of the fact that men wear thongs.

    Also, which place is good for flashing? I don't want the whole crowd to see my thong, and I want to flash in front of strangers.
    I think a shoe store would be a good place for flashing, because you would have to bend down a lot.
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    Re: Thong flashing help....

    I flash for the excitement. Knowing that a girl can see my panties gives me a huge rush (my panties are usually soaked when I get home). Shoe stores are great because of the natural bending over, but also the mirrors. You're able to bend over but also see the reaction of the girl behind you that you're flashing. I flash in drugstores and grocery stores as well. Usually easy to dial in who you're flashing. I couldn't do what some of these guys do with their foodcourt videos - big respect to them.

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    Re: Thong flashing help....

    Oh yeah, flashing at a foodcourt. I don't think I could do that.

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    Re: Thong flashing help....

    Wow thanks guys, I still haven't flashed in public yet, but I did show my mother in law my jockey seam free thong on Christmas and thanksgiving. I'll keep you posted .

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    Re: Thong flashing help....

    What was your mother in laws reaction??

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