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Thread: My Friends Thong Advice

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    My Friends Thong Advice

    Hello everyone,

    I am writing this threat to ask a number of questions and hopefully to show to my friend to give him confidence and to make him feel good. I hope you can help.

    I joined the thread earlier this year to show off some pictures of my male friend who wears G Strings. To describe him quickly. He is a straight, very professional type with rather a workaholic attitude who enjoys new experiences for the sake of creating a memory.

    I remember the first time I saw his G String when he bent over to pick something up and it showed. I was rather surprised and thought it was rather strange but didn't mention anything to him.

    Anyway over the course of many months I began to ask him out of curiosity what made him wear Thongs. He was rather cagey at first and said he didn't wear them until I took a photo so he couldn't dispute it. He said it was his way of rebelling in a secret type of way. As the months went on and we spoke more on the subject he said that he went through periods of hating himself for wearing them. I asked him to expand and he said that when he wore Thongs it was something he did for himself, it wasn't a fetish or sexual for him more of something that suited his personality. Something that he wanted to be part of him yet people would never recognise that or accept that.

    That was went I found this website and decided to post a few pictures to get people feedback. However as the thread was mostly dead I wanted to try and get some advice for my friend. I created the below image for him and he said god if anyone saw that picture they would think I was a weirdo.

    So anyway my questions how do a male present a thong in a positive, natural and heart warming image. (You know when you scroll down on Facebook sometimes and see an image of something weird but because its presented so well its actually kind of cute)

    And how can I encourage my friend to wear thongs more !


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    Re: My Friends Thong Advice

    firstly are you a guy or a gal? Gender alters the approach to take

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    Re: My Friends Thong Advice

    I'm a girl

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    Re: My Friends Thong Advice

    And what is your honest opinion about it? Indifference doesn't count.

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    Re: My Friends Thong Advice

    hello Newbie,

    Escuse my english, i'm a fench boy.
    I carry(wear) G-strings almost every day and I feel very well. Little of nobody knows him(it) because I do not show him(it) has everybody but I hide not for all that. I find the G-string as the best underwear The most comfortable, when we put a pants with a boxer, he(it) goes back up(raises) and makes folds what is desagrable. i love thongs, I encourage all the men(people) who like carrying(wearing) it has to continue has to make him(it), it is only one under garment and we cannot judge somebody on this thing which belongs has our intimacy.

    Sorry if you does'nt understand...

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    Re: My Friends Thong Advice

    You know what he should do. He should make a twitter or an Instagram page. He should post pictures of himself and see how people will react. That way, he can overcome his shyness and gain some confidence in himself.

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