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Thread: Likes2Peek (the new thread)

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    Likes2Peek (the new thread)

    Figured I should start my own thread... I will be posting here from now on... I will likely repost all of the pics form the tribute thread in addition to new ones!!

    I can't wait to hear what you all think and I look forward to sharing my sexy little wife with you all once again.

    Here is a bit of a mix of pics I went through this morning!


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    Re: Likes2Peek (the new thread)

    And.... these are really good too IMO...

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    Re: Likes2Peek (the new thread)

    What a beauty! Your one lucky guy that's for sure!

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    Re: Likes2Peek (the new thread)

    Very lucky man. Holy hell. I can't wait to see what else you have in store!

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    Re: Likes2Peek (the new thread)


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    Re: Likes2Peek (the new thread)

    your wife is very hot, how old is she, how often you make love, does she swallow

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    Re: Likes2Peek (the new thread)

    Quote Originally Posted by poth2747 View Post
    your wife is very hot, how old is she, how often you make love, does she swallow
    How about "what does her panty drawer look like?"

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    Re: Likes2Peek (the new thread)

    lets see more of her and her panty drawer

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    Smile Re: Likes2Peek (the new thread)


    I just recently joined this site, and I'm so glad I did! I feel like the members of this forum have hit the jackpot with you generously sharing your sexy MILF wife. I found and went through the thread started by RBX of the previous photos you have shared with the community, and all I can say is that I am SUPER disappointed that I wasn't around when you were sharing those pictures. One thing that turns me on the most is that your wife knows how to rock a skimpy thong.
    These two pics left me with a raging, throbbing, rock-hard boner that I couldn't help but satisfy. I came hard to these two.

    If you couldn't tell by my username, I LOVE when a sexy chick rocks a g-string. This pic is AMAZING! I hope you went down on her after taking this picture and gave her the biggest toe-curling orgasm - I know I would've!

    This shot is nothing short of spectacular. Clearly, you're out in public in bleachers, and her thong is on display for everyone to see. If this were my girl, I'd take a seat in the last row and get off of other's reactions to this beautiful sight.

    The other pictures you shared when she was young were amazing to see, it goes to show how sexual she has been her whole life. I also love the dressing room and the undressing shots! She has an ass that thongs were made for

    I mean, come on! WOW! That's an ass I would love to oil up and take to pound town!

    The pictures you just shared with her in a corset made me create an account here. She is so freaking sexy.

    With her being a very sexual person (my assumption based on the pics), what's the wildest thing you two have ever done? Sex in public? Have you ever thought about bringing another friend in the bedroom? Ever made a sex tape?

    Thanks for sharing her with us! I hope she decides to come back, sounds like you guys were well-liked around here :-)

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    Re: Likes2Peek (the new thread)

    i love every picture, cant wait for more

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