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Thread: Friends mom

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    Friends mom

    The other day i saw my friends mom in thong topless on the beach. it was such a turn on for, When she realised i was there, she tried to cover up.
    i didnt take any photo of her but her boobs were hard as hell...
    Anyone had the same or...?

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    Re: Friends mom

    lucky you

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    Re: Friends mom

    How did you go to the beach with her? No hot mommies around me.

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    Re: Friends mom

    No never seen my friend's mom topless on the beach. That's a once in a lifetime thing you should cherish it haha

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    Re: Friends mom

    I haven't and as a matter of fact I had only had one friend with a hot mom. When we were seniors at highschool a kid got transfered from other town he was kind of weird so at dirst he had almost no friends. But then we met his mom. I think she must had been around 35 at that time and was gorgeus. After the first time she went to ournschool everybody wanted to go to his place Innever saw her naked but indid got to go to his home once to do a group homework and i did managed to steal two of her thongs a dirty one and a clean one those were one of the first I stole in my life

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    Re: Friends mom

    bet you had a great time with her thongs ivan.

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