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Thread: Thong lover

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    Thong lover

    Hello everyone! Figured I would introduce myself. Decided to join the forum after seeing all the sexy wife's in the user pics area. Both my wife and I are in our early 30s and are thong lovers, we both wear them exculisvly as underwear and as swimwear when ever we can't go nude. For me I have had a thong fettish since I was 10 years old, stealing one of my freinds moms thongs and jerking off in them.

    I hope to convince my wife to post up some of her pics, we both have tattoos so it's hard to do it and stay anonomus but will see if we can get creative with the camera.

    Looking forward to interacting with everyone on the forum!!


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    Re: Thong lover

    hope to see some pictures, how often you make love

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    Re: Thong lover

    well we have sex a minimum 3 times a week, we make a point of it. It's not always making love though usually it's just good old fashioned fucking.

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    Re: Thong lover

    What up KEV. I have to shoot and be carful of my wife's tattoos also
    . It does make it quite exciting tho.
    Looking fwd us having lots of fun here

    Enjoy blow loads to my wife's brown skin. FYI she has large dark aerolas and thick nipples too!

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    Re: Thong lover

    Yah my wife has one right on her hip so we will see what I can do.

    Yah I have jerked it to your wife's pics a few times already. Lover her skin tone against those bright coloured thongs. She wear thong bikinis at all?

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    Re: Thong lover

    Welcome to the site! I hope we get to see the photos
    Check out my other thong website -
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