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Thread: Fittest family

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    Fittest family

    Hi anyone keep eye out on rte1 ireland fittest family ther do be lott thong slips and wedgies and cracks shown iff people can catch them thanks

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    Re: Fittest family

    Episode and time?

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    Re: Fittest family

    Hi sorry it has only started 2 weeks no slips so far only ass crack from hot girls first night...its on rte1 every sunday evening at 6:30 ...tge previous seasons off it had unreal thong slips pitty i idnt know how to catch them i even had them saved on sky box but deleted them recently 😭

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    Re: Fittest family

    Last years series is all on YouTube? Do u no what episodes the thongs are in??

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    Re: Fittest family

    I watched all episodes, but i didn't find thong slips!

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    Re: Fittest family

    I also watched online and none it was the season before that agin in 2014 i cant find videos do was so hott go on youtube search ireland fittest family the girl docume ting it even had thong slip

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    Re: Fittest family

    hi do u know what year was that and which Episode that was

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    Re: Fittest family

    45:20 and 46:08 (at least that's what I saw)

    about 1:00 and on

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    Re: Fittest family

    Ya ther some cheers mate .and iff anyone can find the first series ther was lott slips.

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    Re: Fittest family

    Great spot! Would love to see more!

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