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Thread: my ex's and current gf

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    my ex's and current gf

    I have been dating my new girl for 2 years now, and while she is hands down the hottest one ive been with she is just not a big fan of thongs. She rarely wears them and it drives me nuts cause her body is made for them. I have been working on getting her to wear them more, no such luck as of now. MY ex on the other hand wore them almost every single day and i was able to get so many pics over our relationship, if only camera phones were around as common as 10 years ago and id have a ton more but i was able to still get a bunch over the years. Figure id start posting some pics as i go back and find them. Not sure how to attach, keeps saying file not supported, post it on imgur for now until i figure out how to post it

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    Re: my ex's and current gf

    hope you post more, what type of panties does your new girl wear, how old is she

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    Re: my ex's and current gf

    new girl is 28, originally from russia, met her lil over 2 years ago started going out with her shortly after. She wears thongs maybe once a month normally with dresses or skirts, doesn't wear them with jeans so not much of a chance for a whaletail. I have plenty of pics of both of them the ones from my ex i was still using a digital camera for back in the day lol

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    Re: my ex's and current gf

    great picture how often you have sex, does she swallow, lets see pictures of your ex and your new girl

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    Re: my ex's and current gf

    sex is pretty regular now, 3-4 times a week our work schedules don't line up as good for more but so far so good. She does swallow so thats always a plus, ill get some pics up, just need her to wear thongs more often and ill be good lol

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    Re: my ex's and current gf

    She does wear cheekies a lot which is good, basically just cheekies and bikini style

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    Re: my ex's and current gf

    I love cheekies, what size does she wear, go out and buy her some hot sexy thongs that you would like to see on her.

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    Re: my ex's and current gf

    She wears size small which makes sure her underwear never covers her entire ass which is good.

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    Re: my ex's and current gf

    one from my current one

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    Re: my ex's and current gf

    love her ass and she is cute

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