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Thread: Justme is back

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    Justme is back

    Hey guys! Finally remembered my password for this site, was a long time poster of the old WT website (rip) But found a bunch of my old stuff and still always shooting new stuff. I shot with Cesard a few years ago, and we got a crap load of pics in a matter of a day, wish he was still around! But thank you to the art of hunting thongs thread!! Whole reason Im still on the site is that guy. Have lots of to these pics so thinking about making a YT private account too for all members. Let me know the interest!

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    Re: Justme is back

    Justme!!! whats up man! so good to hear see you back here.. I recently made my return recently and this forum is really great... meeting some new WT lovers here..

    I have tons of stuff from my wife on here but really want to get back out there and shoot some candids!

    stay connected and let's have some fun! check out some of my wifey pics.... I have some here that are classics from WT and some stuff ive never posted!

    Welcome back man

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    Re: Justme is back

    Man those pics are excellent ! Exactly the type I like, glad you remembered your password and I hope we'll be seeing more !

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    Re: Justme is back

    Great to see you on here! I've always admired your work as it's been some really great stuff. Glad I can be an inspiration to someone who was an inspiration to myself!

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    Re: Justme is back

    what a fantastic start

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    Re: Justme is back

    Hopefully we can get enough guys like on the last website to start hunting again! I made a few trips to the red steps this year but more women are aware if there thongs showing haha One thing the other site didn't have was the explosion of girls who wear leggings that are see thru!! Harder to capture but so hot! Thanks for the comments guys keep them up

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    Re: Justme is back

    love the update, keep it up

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    Re: Justme is back

    another WT hero returns!!!!

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    Re: Justme is back good to have you back!!

    You and CesarD were the guys who first really got me into whaletails, with your high quality pictures. Thanks for much for sharing again - and definitely there'd be huge interest in a YT account.

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    Re: Justme is back

    Glad to see you back. Some great tails that is for sure.

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