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Thread: Leggings in Public

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    Leggings in Public

    Was on the train commuting home yesterday and this incredible girl gets on.
    White, like 5'7", 95lbs, slightly red sweater and black cotton leggings. The only bad thing is the leggings probably were pulled up to her boobs. I'm not one for high rise anything.

    Anyway, I get a little glance of her butt and it's gotta be a thong. So she leans against the wall of the train cause there's no seating.
    I thought I was being sly, cause her pussy, her thin leggings covered pussy is like 8 feet from my face. I'm not even looking at her pussy, I'm looking to see if I can find any thong lines or lace showing through or anything.
    I must have been looking too intently and I did see a couple thing gstring strap seams cause I notice she's looking at me. I look her in the eye, look back at her pussy and then look away. She doesn't seem to try and cover up since her sweater only comes to her waist and there's nothing to cover her pussy or butt but the look she gave me wasn't very nice. Wasn't very mean either, like I couldn't tell if she was flattered that I was looking at her outfit or offended.

    Great eyecandy after work either way.

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    Re: Leggings in Public

    wish I could of seen her

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    Re: Leggings in Public

    Thanks for sharing! I certainly love seeing leggings stretched tightly over a panty-line free ass!

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    Re: Leggings in Public

    do you think she wanted us to see and look at her?

    Thats what I always wonder when girls wear leggings, more or less knowing how revealing they are

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    Re: Leggings in Public

    That's what I wonder too. I love leggings, but I wonder if girls wear them to show off. One time, I was walking down the street and the girl in front of me was wearing these revealing leggings. It was a bright day, so I got to see her thong. I liked the sight of that, but I was confused at the same time. She could have worn a skirt to cover her butt, but no she just had leggings on.
    Anyway, why do I care? I think it's the best fashion item of the 21st century.

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