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Thread: Friends Girlfriend

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    Re: Friends Girlfriend

    That is so glorious I would love to see more

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    Re: Friends Girlfriend

    Just a little something to keep you guys going!

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    Re: Friends Girlfriend

    great update, keep them coming

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    Re: Friends Girlfriend

    Amazing! My wife has the same blue vs panties. Thanks for sharing

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    Re: Friends Girlfriend

    Some great whaletails! How does this arrangement work? Are there any "perks" that you're getting?? Any stories about your friend's girl?

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    Re: Friends Girlfriend

    We just like to exchange pictures of each other's girls really, and he asked me to share the panti and thong pictures to see what reaction they got, we have plenty to share if there is a want for them ;-)

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    Re: Friends Girlfriend

    we want to see more thongs and ass shots

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    Re: Friends Girlfriend

    I like the extremes of the last update. The widest possible thong and the skinniest possible string. Good to know she's comfortable wearing such a large range of buttsplitting underwear.

    Is your girlfriend a thong wearer too tr5983? If so I'd love to see pics of both these ladies!

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    Re: Friends Girlfriend

    Nice! So can we please see ur girls thong pics also ����

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    Re: Friends Girlfriend

    Great ass and choice of knickers!

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