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Thread: Groupon Thongs

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    Groupon Thongs

    Stumbled across some of these on the site Groupon. Didn't realize they had so many thongs for sale on there with models. Here's a few to start.

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    Re: Groupon Thongs

    Here's a couple more.

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    Re: Groupon Thongs

    And these are some of my favorite ones. They are modeling shapewear, but you can see the model's thong underneath.

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    Re: Groupon Thongs

    agree with you love the shapewear models

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    Re: Groupon Thongs

    Here's some more with models see through clothes and you can see their thong underneath.

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    Re: Groupon Thongs

    In the first set, pictures #2 and #3, do you know what brand they are?

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    Re: Groupon Thongs

    Cool finds! Does anybody have experience with these Groupon thongs? From the pics they actually look legit and comfy.

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    Re: Groupon Thongs

    Here's a nice one where the model is showing a G-string whaletail.

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