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Thread: Sister in Law

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    Sister in Law

    Sister in law. 23.
    Heard her once say she didnt like thongs. But since she got a boyfriend she started to wear them regulary

    Favorite thong wearing celebrity's:

    1. Doutzen Kroes
    2. Scarlett Johannson
    3. Hilary Duff
    4. Jessica Biel
    5. Margot Robbie

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    Re: Sister in Law

    I like her look love to see her panty drawer and more of her ass

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    Re: Sister in Law

    Very nice catch. Glad to see she made the switch haha

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    Re: Sister in Law

    Yaaaay thats not the first time i hear that haha well can u get trough her panty drawer? Lets see that treasure!

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    Re: Sister in Law

    Top work, can't wait to see more

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    Re: Sister in Law

    She probably always did but just didn't want to say she did.

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    Re: Sister in Law

    Quote Originally Posted by Thongwedgie View Post
    She probably always did but just didn't want to say she did.
    I normally saw her with bjorn borg boyshorts

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    Re: Sister in Law

    a girl that cute not wearing thongs is criminal.....

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    Re: Sister in Law

    Great captures she is hot !

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    Re: Sister in Law

    Didnt saw her in a while couldnt snap any pictures. Anyone interested in some whatsapp conversations about thongs i had with her?

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