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Thread: VS Panties

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    VS Panties

    Hi wife is selling her panties clean or dirty. Dirty yiu get 5 pics of her in them we also do videos or she does. Caters to all fetishes!!

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    Re: VS Panties

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    Re: VS Panties

    nice collection

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    Re: VS Panties

    Quote Originally Posted by poth2747 View Post
    nice collection

    Thank you care fo buy one? right now for hollidays buy one for $25 get free video

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    Re: VS Panties

    Right now buy one panty get a,free video!!
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    Re: VS Panties

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    Re: VS Panties

    A lot of pairs I like there. I'll PM you

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    Re: VS Panties

    Very nice collection! Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: VS Panties

    OMG I would love to purchase some.

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    Re: VS Panties

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